Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bahamas baby!

Another trip down memory lane.

In early 2006, my sister and I visited Freeport, Bahamas. We got a really good deal and since it was their off season, it was practically a steal! It was an all inclusive resort. 

We pretty much stayed at the resort 80% of the time since we were only there for 5-days.

Here are some pictures from my very first Caribbean trip.

Every night, they put on a show. It was quite entertaining.

It was nice on the beach but a little cold in the evenings.

I love taking pictures of mailboxes from around the world cause I just think they are so cool!

I thought this was just so cool so I took a picture.

This is probably one of the only pictures you will see of me so close to the water. And yes, I was wearing flip flops! I like to lounge on the beach but I don't like to walk bare feet on sand. 

Another evening...another show.

Sisters/travel buddies. 

My sister playing volleyball on the beach. She is the athletic one in the family :-)

Pricing out stuff at the local market.

I think it was Moulin Rouge night.

Overall, it was a fun few days and we enjoyed ourselves. I definitely recommend going during the off season. You'll get great deals and won't have to deal with crowded beaches! Definitely a win-win in my book :-).

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. I love that you are a traveler...traveling with sisters and friends are the best!! You look so relaxing in that one picture and the sunlight and ship amazing!!

    1. It sure is the best. I have truly enjoyed traveling and hope to be able to do it more in the future with the eventual kids and hubby.

  2. Ahh I love these pictures! I want to go to the Bahamas! Just so many places I want up go. If only I had an endless supply of money for all the places I want to visit!

    I love these flashback posts. They make me smile and make me feel like I've known you for a long time!

    1. Girl, I will have to create a travel alert for you on Expedia! Your travel list is growing :-). Whenever I start looking at a place, I put an alert for it so that I can get notified when it reaches a certain price. I am a bargain hunter when it comes to travel :-).

      I have quite a few more flash back travel posts so stay tuned :-)

  3. I LOVE your travel posts. You've gone to some of the most beautiful places! And travelling with sisters and friends is so awesome. Love exploring with my girls!

    1. Thank you. I have truly enjoyed it and hope to do more traveling in the future.


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