Tuesday, October 29, 2013

London: Visiting the Roman Bath, Big Ben, The Stonehanges and more...

In May 2006, my sister and I visited London, England. We also took the opportunity to visit the Roman Bath while we were there. 
We also visited Buckingham Palace, got to see a changing of the guards, Madame Tussaud's and we got to visit the sites where Jack The Ripper's victims were found as well as the house where Jane Austen (Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice writer) lived. As you can see from the pictures, we had a great time and my sister (aka my travel buddy) was so much fun to travel with. 

Me and A. Hitchcock!

Yes...me and the queen :-)

Me and another queen...the queen B herself.

I am a smidgen taller than him! That's Bonaparte!

My sister and Whoopie Goldberg. People say they look alike. I guess they have similar high cheekbones but other than that, I don't really see it.

"Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?"

Pele! Don't worry...I still won't pay $1,700 for his book!

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"

Distance from London

Westminster Abbey

Inside Westminster Abbey. It is the only picture we were allowed to take inside.

One of the sites where Jack The Ripper's victims was found.

My sister and I in front of Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace.

Changing of the guards.

The famous Trafalgar Square! I felt like I was a living piece of the Monopoly Game!

And of course my sister just had to take a picture in a red phone booth :-).

Church where part of the DaVinci code was filmed.
Inside the church where the DaVinci code was filmed.

My sister and I at the Stonehenge.

Me next to the Stonehenge.

Big Ben!

Entrance to Kensington Palace. My sister and I went on a tour inside.

We had a great time! We definitely did the tourist thing. Complete with going on the tourist double decker buses :-).

Have a fabulous day!


  1. I love London!! Looks like you guys had a great time!! The wax museum pics are the best!

    1. We definitely had a great time. I love visiting that city. Hoping hubby, JOE and I can go there sometime in the near future.

  2. Oh, you make me miss London (though after this summer holidays I promised myself not to go there for awhile). It's wonderful to see places I know in other people's cameras

    1. Yeah. I always feel the same way when I see pictures of places I have visited. Saw your last Napoli post. I have never been but hope to go there someday.

  3. This looks like such a fun trip. Dude your sister looks just like you

    1. It was a fun trip. I am sure you know a lot of these places since you're a frequent traveler there. Maybe one year, we'll all be able to go together and you can show me some places I haven't visited before.

      My sister and I definitely do look alike. I get that a lot and actually do a double take once when I was flipping through pictures because I thought it was me but couldn't remember taking the picture :-). It wasn't...it was my sister!

  4. What a wonderful trip! That church is gorgeous.

    1. It was. The church is definitely mag! It is a must see for visitors. The DMV area has some pretty cool churches too, Traveling makes me appreciate my home base more.

  5. Add London to the list of olaces I must go!

    I love the pictures! You and your sister look like you had an amazing time! I love reading you and Pegster's travel posts! They make me happy!

    1. You'll love it there. Especially since you are so social. People are definitely very friendly and they think Americans are cool :-). Of course, people have been friendly in every city I have visited :-). I am glad I haven't encountered any hostility so far.

  6. I love ow you and your sister pose with wax figures. My brother and I do the same and people tease us for it!

    1. Lol...we were being silly. The good ole days! :-D. It was definitely fun! I still do it now when I go to wax museums with hubby. He thinks I am "special" :-).


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