Friday, October 4, 2013

Foolery: Things that made me go hmmm...

And so it begins...The United States Federal Government officially began a partial shut down on Tuesday 10/1/13. The finger pointing started even before the deadline. In the words of the Gerber commercial "get on the grow up plan!" These people really need to listen to the American people and get their egos out of the equation!
Stop pointing fingers!!! No one is winning here. Politics is about learning how to compromise.

Why the backlash? People have done a lot less for the promise of a ring. I DO NOT agree with her approach but I can understand what she means. If he loves sandwiches so much and loves it when she makes them, then that's great. It is a way of showing love. BUT I wouldn't do it expecting that when I do, you'll put a ring on it. You either want to or you don't! My making sandwiches shouldn't be the determining factor. What will he ask for when they are married and want kids?

This is somewhat scary and fascinating at the same time! The creature looks like a work of art. But the sad thing is that it is dead :-(. It sounds mythical doesn't it?

As a person born in another Country, this kinda bothered me. J & I watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune at night. J said "it was probably his accent but I think he had the right answer." Well, sure enough, he did. NOT COOL!

On to something happier. This was just too cute! A Facebook friend of mine used a similar announcement when they were expecting. I think I'll have to come up with something creative when we get pregnant with #2. The look on their face is priceless!

Got any interesting/unusual news/articles to share that you may have read during the week? Feel free to share. I just might feature it on my next post :-).

Have a fabulous weekend all!

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  1. I actually like the 300 sarmies thing. I think she's doing it more as a fun challenge than a serious way to get him to propose. I doubt he would withhold the proposal if she stopped before 300, but hey.
    Love love love the prego announcement. Lol, so cute!

    1. I agree. It is a fun thing to do.

      I am now on the hunt for the best way to announce when we eventually plan on it. I am not even pregnant yet! :-)

  2. i saw the prego post too....i thought it was the cutest thing ever.

    1. Lol...yup. A good way to use tomato sauce for sure :-)


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