Friday, October 11, 2013

11-months of happiness!

I figured my princess deserves her own post since she is now 11-months! This is 4-days late but I would like her to be able to read this when she gets older. 

So here it goes...

* JOE got her first 2 teeth on September 24th. We were so excited to see it cut through. 

* Coincidentally, she took her first few consistent steps the same evening. J & I were so proud to be there when she took her first steps. Of course, she only walks to her father. Me, she crawls to. J says its because she is trying to get to me faster and she sure does crawl very fast. 

* She now understand a lot of what we say when we talk to her. She also has a mind of her own and says "yes" or "no" when she wants or doesn't want something.

* She is so smart! The other day, she wanted one of her hair clips from my dresser. She could reach one but not the other. So she proceeded to use the one she could reach to pull the other one towards herself. Mind you, she was standing on her tippy toes! That's my smart baby!

* She now sleeps through the night. HALLELUJAH!!!

* She eats more solids now and actually enjoys dinner with J & I at night. 

* We FINALLY found a sippy cup she likes. However, she refuses to drink milk out of it. Just water. 

* She is truly a happy baby and will hit you with her awesome smile whenever someone says "look at that pretty girl". 

* She smiles at the camera whenever I point it at her unless when she is trying to do her own thing and refuses to look. 

She is truly our pride and joy. Thank you lord for a happy, health and beautiful girl!

As you can tell, getting her to take a picture these days is quite an ordeal! But here she goes!!!


  1. Amen to sleeping through the night!!

  2. awww....she is getting so big! time is flying isn't it. sleeping through the night..i wish i knew what that's like. and woohoo for taking steps...she will be marching around the house soon!

    1. pancakes still not sleeping through the night? He'll get there soon.
      Can't wait for her to start walking more. Right now, she gets lazy sometimes and wants me to carry her everywhere.

  3. seriously, i cannot believe she is 11 months! that is amazing to me. the time flew!

    yay for a sleeping through the night baby! and for one that smiles for the camera, lol.

    and her hair ... sooo cute!

    1. Lol...seriously, that year flew by!
      Thank you!
      Yeah...I know...I need to figure out how to take care of her hair. She has refused to let me touch it :-)

  4. Happy 11 months JOE. Your little girl is full of milestone but I must say my favorite is the sleeping through the night business, YAY. Life is about to get even better than it was before :).

    1. Thank you! It really has been nice with her sleeping through the night. Now, we have to graduate to getting her to sleep in her own bed!


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