Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Maiden Voyage: A Princess Cruise

In 2007, a week after I went on my first date with J, my family went on an 8-day, 7-night cruise. We visited 3-Islands (Ocho Rio in Jamaica, Hell in the Cayman Islands & Princess Island) and HAD A BLAST! I also celebrated a milestone birthday during the cruise.

We went on a Princess Cruise ship it was a trip to remember. The then obsessed me worked out 6 of the 8 days. However, it was all you can eat whenever you want so I am glad I worked out. In spite of it though, I still managed to put on 3 "happy" pounds :-).

Here are some pics from my maiden cruise voyage :-).

Our cruise ship.

Me with my birthday smile :-).

We visited Turtuga bakery. They made excellent rum cakes!

Gotta love my folks. They were rocking those fanny packs!

Flowers from my family for my birthday! They smelled so good and lasted the entire cruise.

That hat was from my mom. She wanted us to all have hats for the trip. Never mind the fact that it was too small for me. I wore it though to make her happy. 

When we go to a restaurant, we take over! That's our brood :-). We have since MULTIPLIED!

My parents having fun. They are too cute!

Tourist attraction. 

Everyday when we got back to our room, there was some sort of animal made with towels. This was just too funny!

Reminds me of the last scene from Sound of Music.
Model/Sister in law. She is every bit an awesome sister so don't let the pose fool you!

Thought this was nice...it was on the opposite wall.

And then there was this tree. Kinda like the tree from the garden of Eden. 

Our family. We had a great time.

Have you ever been on a cruise? To where? Did you enjoy it? Do you think you'll go again?
Have a rocking Tuesday!


  1. Such a great family trip! Your parents are to cute! And I love that you wore a small hat to make your mom happy :)

    Looks like an amazing trip! Love the pictures.

    I've never been on a cruise. Maybe one day :)

    1. Thanks. They really are and always give us all a good laugh. I love that after 38-years, they still know how to make each other laugh.

      Cruises are fun. Eating too much and seeing the scale go in the wrong direction? Not so fun :-)

  2. What an awesome family trip. Your parents are adorable. I love family trips, they are crazy but always so much fun. You've been on some awesome trips girl.

    I went on a cruise almost 10 years ago with my mom and grandma, we loved it and would love to go back. We just never got around to planning another trip. Hopefully soon.

    1. Thank you. It was awesome to travel with everyone. We try to do it every few years but with more kids, that means more schedules to coordinate. Not so easy anymore.
      Gotta plan another one. I think the boys will LOVE a Disney cruise. But it is on the expensive side so maybe wait until they can fully appreciate it.

  3. Awww, your parents are so cute, rocking them fanny packs. I've never been on a cruise. Hubs isn't too keen, but looks like its defo a must do. And perhaps I could get our parents to come too. Love how you guys took over restaurants..haha, looks like soooo much fun.

    1. It is fun. Perhaps do a shorter cruise with your hubby to see if he changes his mind :-).

  4. Gosh I love family trips like these!! We took one to Europe a few years ago and it was the best time ever!! You just reminded we are due for another!!

    1. They are so much fun aren't they? I do love family trips :-).

  5. Love your parents rocking their fanny packs. Reminds me of my mom and dad. I also love that your entire family took a family vaca. Now you guys gotta do it over again so JOE can go too!

    1. Yeah. Love family vacations. Its harder now since half of us have kids and then we also have to coordinate our spouses schedules. Hopefully, we can do it sometime soon. We had a fabulous time!


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