Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The beginning...Our wedding day

Yay!!! My 100-th post! In honor of that, I will be blogging about our wedding. 
I have been busier than usual so I apologize for not getting a chance to blog this as promised a couple of weeks ago.

J & I were officially married on a fine spring day in April 2011. The day after our Nigerian ceremony.
Funny enough, J & I got into an argument the night before because he was "complaining" about having to entertain his family while I was working hard to clear up things after our Nigerian ceremony. Mind you, by entertainment, I mean drinking with his friends and family...oh the horrors! He has since repented and besides, I knew he didn't mean it :-). Anyways, I digress...
I found out the day after we were married that J wasn't sure of what state I'd be in (mood-wise) on our wedding day. I on the other hand was completely sure I would be having a fabulous day. 

It was a fabulous day indeed...if you don't count the very very very slow hair stylist. We got there at 7am and I didn't leave until after noon! I had to rush to shower and have my makeup done before the photog got there. My sister took this pic cause at this point, I was PISSED!

Then it was on to makeup. I think she did an awesome job! My makeup held up the entire day/evening. 
Me in the limo with my dad and mom.

The girls all wore different shades of red shoes. They looked awesome in the actual professional pics.

Having a quiet moment before walking down the aisle.

Both my parents walked me down the aisle. I am so glad I made that decision to have them both do that. I figured since they both had a hand in raising my, they should both be there to "give me away". My mom was really honored by that. Side note: I made each and every one of those pew pomanders! That was definitely a labor of love :-).

The back of my dress. It was a cathedral length train. That dress was HEAVY! At the end of the night, my stomach felt tighter! I didn't even have to wear a girdle or do sit ups for that :-).

Both sets of parents praying for us.

I am officially a Mrs!!  Yes, I was dancing and hubby as usual was smiling at me. This was pre-goatee...look at my very hot hubby! :-). He looked so dapper in his tux.

Ceremonies over. Now time to PARRRR-TAY!!!

My father/daughter dance. I enjoyed dancing with my dad. 

Yes, we had a change of clothes. It was time to dance dance dance!!!

The cake was DELICIOUS! The top layer was carrot cake. My favorite. It was GONE by the end of the week. Considering we got back from our mini-moon that Wednesday, ummm...it took me 2-days to eat the entire thing. YES I know, gluttony is a sin. The cake was sinfully goooooodddd :-).

Like I said earlier, the wedding was a labor of love. As most of you know, weddings are EXPENSIVE and since we had 2, it was twice as expensive. So to ensure that ALL of our vendors were paid before or on the day of our wedding, I took on the task of making a lot of items myself. Hubby helped quite a bit but we weren't living together so a lot of the work fell on me. I don't mind though cause I got a lot of back and feet rubs :-). 

Our party favors. I made all 160 boxes! First, the rhinestone buckles arrived sans rhinestones. I had to individually glue the stones on there because the eBAY ad failed to mention that. Needless to say, when all was said and done, I had inhaled A LOT of glue! 
The boxes had biscottis since hubby's family is Italian. Hubby and I spent 2 days baking each and every one of the biscottis. They tasted FABULOUS but ummm...I haven't had biscottis since then. I don't plan on baking them anytime soon. 2-years later and I am still traumatized. See the end of the wedding pics for my DIY items.

The ring bearer's pillow. This was one of the easiest ones to do.

Flower girl's baskets. I made 2.

One of the pomander's.

Using PowerPoint and wax paper, I made these. They actually turned out OK.

Did the menu cards. Some were blue base with white menus and others were white base with blue menus.

The table numbers. I had to cut out each individual number and then glue the blue card stock behind them. This took some time but it wasn't hard per se.

Our signature cocktail drinks display. This was another easy one.

Wedding activity books. I made bags for the kids with crayons, glow in the dark sticks, candy and these books. The books were for drawing and coloring. 

If you haven't already guessed it by now, our colors were Tiffany blue, Silver and White with red accent colors. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed re-living the day. 


  1. You are stunning! I love how happy you looked!

    That cake, yum!

    I love that you DIY so many items. I tried but not so good at that.

    I love that you both changes outfits. I wish we had changed into traditional wear too.

    1. Thank you! It seems like yesterday. Can't believe its been over 2 years already :-).

  2. Beautiful wedding! I love carrot cake too!

    1. Thank you! Glad I am not the only one who loves carrot cake.

      Thanks for visiting. Heading over to your site now.

  3. You looked so beautiful...I loved reliving these beautiful moments with you! And yeah for April 2011 weddings...we are on the same anniversary track:-)

  4. J - I have thoroughly enjoyed this post :). What a beautiful wedding you had. I love love love the pic of you dancing and your hubby is just smiling at you like, yeah that's my wife :). Oh and you and your dad cutting a rug = priceless.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have enjoyed the trip down memory lane

    1. Thank you. It was MY pleasure. I enjoyed re-living the day through the post :-).


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