Friday, June 7, 2013

7-months. Standing, Seating, Crawling and Clapping!

JOE is growing up so fast! I can't believe she is 7-months today.
She is crawling, seating on her own, clapping and standing!

I still can't believe she is doing all these things.
- Said dada at 4 months. She can now say tata, gaga and make gargling sounds from her throat. Still no momma yet though
- Started sitting on her own at 5 months
- Started crawling at 6 months
- Started pulling herself up and standing at 6.5 months
- Started clapping at 6.5 months
- Started using the edges of the couch to move at 6.5 months
- She has been teething but nothing has broken through yet.

At this rate, I am guessing she'll be walking in no time.

J & I are just so proud of our little girl. She is our pride and joy.


  1. Omg! That smile. Melts me.

    She is growing so nicely. I can't believe she is 7 months, I feel like she was just born!

  2. YAY JOE, you go girl. You are definitely doing amazing things. Keep making your parents proud.

    Those eyelashes J, they look amazing. Happy 7-month to JOE.

  3. Seriously though, wasn't she in your tummy just the other Way to go!!! You must be super proud.

  4. omg..look at those eyes...she is just too adorable!!


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