Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY: A very horsey skirt for JOE

I decided to horse around with some leftover stuff I had in my fabric box and ended up making this very horsey skirt for JOE. Yes...a Zebra is a type of horse :-).
I wanted to use fabric I already had on hand because I didn't feel like going out and getting more fabric. It worked out great. I love when I think of something and it actually translates into 90% what I was thinking. I just heard Special Agent Oso say "its all part of the plan...more or less" in my head! Gosh...I am spending too much time watching Disney Junior!!!

Anyways, like I said, I used materials I already had on hand from past DIY projects.

I cut out 2 strips and sewed them together. I already have JOE's 12-month measurements from a skirt I made for her earlier. So I added about an inch to the length and 3/4 inch to the waist.
If you want a more precise tutorial for measurements, here is a link to a site that might be helpful.

Then I hemmed the edge of a third strip to use for the waist.

Then I joined the horse fabric to the "zebra" fabric.

I did a double hem so it won't have any "poking" areas that might scratch her.

Then I added the other zebra piece to the bottom of the skirt.

Finished skirt.

I immediately went up to JOE's room to see if I could pair it with something in her closet. I found this Mickey Mouse vest she got from her grandparents for her birthday!

Since its still cold here (come on Spring!!!), I figured black leggins will have to be worn with the skirt until it gets warmer outside. 

JOE finally got to debut the skirt when we went out with J's family to celebrate March birthdays.
I was trying to take a picture in her outfit but my little princess wasn't having none of that.

Finally, she walked over to see what her dad was doing and I was able to snap a picture of it.
I know I know...we're working on the binky (a.k.a. the binxter...aka the bah).

Expertise needed: A comfortable beginner. As you can see, I make stuff that's easy :-).
Total Approximate time: 90-minutes? I know it was less than 2-hours. I was also working on a couple of other things so I got distracted sometimes.
Total spent on sewing materials: $0. I didn't have to get anything from the store since I already had everything on hand.
Feedback: Its almost Spring and JOE will be wearing a lot more skirts!!! I wish I could make skirts I can wear, that look good on me and that I like. Perhaps that'll be my next goal.

My next DIY sewing project will be a refashion item. Hopefully, it turns out good.


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