Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesday

Happy hump day!!! I am so ready for the weekend :-).

Here are some pics I took in the last week.

I was sick last week so what better way to get over a head cold than to sit under a warm dryer to deep condition my hair? :-).

Finished outcome after a deep condition and c-wash.

JOE loves her selfies! She got this hate from her grandparents who recently came back from Disney world. Her name is embroided on the back. So cute! She calls it "me me"

Its official! JOE loves my nutella banana crepes! :-). Check out her mastery of the use of a fork :-). We eat breakfast as a family on weekends and clearly, JOE was enjoying her breakfast.

My baby turned 17-months on Monday. Here she is practicing her blinking skills. Future flirt in the making.

And there she is rubbing noses with her dad. So cute!

ALMOST made my goal of 2.25 miles in 30-minutes. Oh well. Can I use the excuse that I forgot my socks so I had to run without? Is that a legit excuse? I still did the jog though so I count that as an accomplishment.

I decided to flat twist my hair last night after I got home and took a shower. Yes, I took this pic in JOE's room since she was playing in there :-).

The end results. The back.

The end results. The front. I love the way it turned out. 

And then I got on the train and BAM! This lady sat smack in front of me. Not even sure of what to make of the hair style. Makes me wonder if others have done the same to me. I know my hair isn't always well done. Hmmm...

 Hope you are having a great week so far!

"Thanks for stopping by!" <---Mickey Mouse


  1. Girl, you are serious about your hair and I love it. I am impressed at all the hairstyles you are trying. I want to try some of them.

    Love love JOE and her dad rubbing noses, cutest thing ever

    1. Thank you! I am trying to not just bun it all the time :-).

  2. Great post. Joe is soooo adorable. Hey, maybe you can share the recipe for those crepes one day.

    I hope your having a great weekend.

    1. Thank you!

      I did share the recipe for the crepes. Here it is incase you missed it :-).

  3. Cute hair results! You're doing well with those flat twists! I love JOE's pics, she's so adorable :-)


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