Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesday

Its HUMP day! And THE BEST part of the day? It's also our 3rd wedding anniversary. It seems like we were just married a few days ago but its been 3-years. We've had a great time together in those years and I look forward to making more awesome memories (and babies) with him by my side :-).

OK. Enough of the mushy stuff...on to Photo Dump Wednesday.

One of my many favorite pictures from our wedding day.

I have a shoe calendar on my desk. I would LOVE to have these shoes! They look comfortable (with the front platform) AND cute! I could totally rock them this summer.

And speaking of feet...JOE's new favorite activity/my additional leg workouts. She sits like this and I get to lift her up and down.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

JOE is now in a big girl bed! J converted her bed last weekend. We spent too many nights running to her bed to make sure she didn't fall when she climbed out. This gives us some peace of mind.

JOE and her buddy "pinka-poo". She tries to feed him, snuggles with him and gives him LOTS of kisses.

I hit my running goal for the week yesterday! Woohoo! It was 2.3 miles in 30-minutes and I surpassed it :-). My next goal is 2.4 miles in 30-minutes. My ultimate goal is 3-miles in 35-minutes.

JOE's Easter basket. How CUTE is this? Thanks Peg for giving me the information on this. I know she is going to enjoy hunting for eggs.

Hope you're having an awesome week so far!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Have a fabulous time celebrating!

    Those shoes are hot ... tell hubby you want them as an anniversary gift ;)

    LOL, poor bunny!!

    Yay for hitting your running goal, so exciting!

    And such a cute Easter basket, I love it!

  2. lol i love the pics with the bunny....too cute! And happy anniversary..i forgot that we share an anniversary month!! And AWESOME for hitting your running goal...we have to go running together one of these days!!

    1. Yup we are. Hope you had an awesome anniversary as well!

      Thank you!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you guys. 3 years, such a good milestone.

    So glad you got that Easter basket, it looks super cute. Happy Easter.


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