Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hair Update: So far so good

I have been reading a number of articles about how more and more women of color are going back to their roots. This article was for women in West Africa and the movement to get back to their natural roots. It really has been inspirational because even though I started out not really knowing if this was a journey I wanted to take, I have decided that it is one I definitely want to take.

The last few weeks have gone really as well as can be expected. I have mastered the art of doing flat twists. I am still working on doing 2-strand twists. I have managed to not become a product junkie and so far, I haven't lost all my hair. I count it all positive.

AND, I actually purchased a bonnet dryer! All part of my plan of doing my own hair at home.

Taken 3-weeks ago..

You can see my natural hair is growing in nicely. 
 After watching a number of YouTube videos, I THOUGHT I could be one of those people who would be able to do a flat twist and go on my transitioning hair. Umm...FAIL!

So the following day, I decided to just re-twist it for church and accessorize it with a flower. 

A couple of Saturdays ago, I got my hair done and liked it but I think I'll be doing my own hair for the next few months unless I am going out for a formal event.
My hair stylist is awesome and I love her but I am VERY tender headed and after my last appointment, I decided it would be best I not go back too often or else, I'll leave there crying ALL THE TIME since my head still HURTS 10-days later!

In anycase, I plan on keeping the flat twists in front through the end of this week. I added flat twists to the back of my hair and will be putting the back in perm rods over the weekend to kind "refresh" the look for next week.

Excuse the work space mess. Clearly, lunch breaks should be taken in the lunch room. But there are people there and they'd think I was strange if I started snapping  pictures of the back of my head! :-).

For this week, I added the perm rods to the back to "freshen it up". I like the way it turned out.

And because I couldn't resist, here are pics of my 5.5 months growth. I have about 3-inches of new growth in some areas and more in other areas which is consistent with about a regular 1/2 inch growth per month.

I started taking MSM supplements last week for 2 reasons.
- I have been running again and MSM is supposed to help with muscle healing and connective tissue so I figured it would be a good supplement to take. I did my first 2-mile run since being 4-months pregnant last Tuesday and it felt great! I think I can definitely go 3-miles but I will build up to it. My goal is 2.25 miles next week.
- My second reason is that MSM supplement is rumored to help with hair growth. Not sure if I believe it but I'll let you know if I notice any difference.

I was initially going to try Hairfinity but since J & I still want to have more kids, I don't want to put anything that might mess with my body when the time comes.

Anyways, there you have it. My hair is growing nicely and so far, I am enjoying it.


  1. Yay, I'm glad to read that! Transitioning is so difficult. Working with two textures is truly a challenge but def. one you want to take!

    1. Thank you! I am loving my journey so far. Its been a good learning experience and even JOE is starting to let me do her hair more. Although, she does tend to say "noooo" a lot :-).

  2. Ummm...so I think we are hair twins! Not only in texture, but in journey!!! I am currently transitioning and it is nice to read about what other transitioners are going through, so thank you for this post! You are 1.5 months ahead of me. lol I am about 4 months post relaxer (December 8, 2013 was my last one). It is tough to figure out styles, but you are definitely doing a great job! I also had the two strand twist "fail" as well, and I think it was because I didn't put any setting lotion on my hair before I twists, so there was no longevity or definition at all!

    I so can't wait to have a full head of big, Nigerian natural hair, but this journey requires patience! I'm not even thinking about it, because it will be years before my hair gets to the length I want, but that is okay. We are also tender-headed twins! In fact, that was a main reason why my mother had my hair relaxed at age 3 (so early, I know). I would cry and cry every time she laid hands on my head and she became so frustrated. I'd like to get some braids or weave right now, but I can't even imagine someone else's hands in my head with all of this new growth I have. The pain!! My head hurts just thinking about it. If I ever do, I will have to take pain medication BEFORE as well as after. I'm that bad. I've recently started wearing a wig, and I think it will be my go to transitioning "style". Quick, easy and very affordable! haha

    Keep up the great work & God bless you! :)

    1. Awww...congratulations on your journey as well. I know what you mean about styles. When in doubt, my hair goes in a bun. I did do my first successful braidout this morning and I felt really good about the way it turned out.

      LOL @ "full head of big Nigerian natural hair". I hear ya though! Hoping for the same here. It does require patience and work.
      Being tender headed is no fun but I always had a good excuse for taking the comb from the stylist if I didn't like what she was doing to my hair :-).

  3. Yayy- I love this article! I love reading about how it's becoming more popular for African women to wear their hair natural again. One of the few reasons that made me worried about becoming natural was being mistakenly taken for someone trying to "embrace" the radical 60s Black Power movement. It's totally not about that anymore, it's all about embracing your natural self with confidence and having strong, healthy hair! I'm glad your hair is growing nicely for you. :-)

    1. I am with you. I am not embracing any movements. Rather, I am doing what is healthy for my hair. I am not really one to follow fads so I think this whole transitioning thing is more coincidental in the sense that it happened in the midst of the movement.
      I have been thinking about it for years since my first failed attempt in college back in 1997 or so. I guess I just now have the courage to do it :-).

    2. It was totally coincidental for me too, esp when I noticed my hair was falling out! Lol. After I decided I found all the "natural" YouTube videos. Way to go on the running! I've been slacking and even had a scary dream about gaining serious weight! Aaaggh!

  4. I love reading about hair journeys. Though I am not going natural, I am all about taking care of your strand and figuring out what works for you and such.

    Good job lady, so excited to follow along this journey. 3 inches in a 5 months, woop woop.

    By the way, I am proud of you taking loads of pics :)

    1. Thank you! I love seeing your progress pics as well. You take such good care of your hair and it certainly shows. Hopefully, I'll one day be able to reach your current length :-).

      More pics to be loaded soon. Just being lazy :-).

  5. Well I have no idea what you're talking about but your hair is gorgeous. :)

    1. LOL. Thank you!!! I guess I should explain it for my non-black readers. Basically, natural is when our hair is not chemically straightened. Granted, any hair that grows out of the head is natural. The term is just used to refer to if its been chemically altered or not.
      I think healthy hair is beautiful regardless of if its been chemically altered or not. I just want to go back to a non-altered state is what I should say :-).

  6. i am so glad it's turning out the way you wanted it too. going natural is always so scary but your hair looks so much healthier and fuller if i may add. i so need to get on with mine too...i just get bored watching the videos and then i never apply the skills/tools. congrats lady on the successful hair journey!

    1. It is. It was scary at first but with each passing day, I feel like I can say "yeah...I've got this".

      Thank you!


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