Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY Recipe: Breakfast casserole

You know when you see a recipe and say to yourself "I should totally make that"? Well, I found the below recipe on Instagram. It was posted by a lady I follow on there. It looked very yummy and easy so I figured "perché no?" ("why not" in Italian).

I am glad I did because its been a HUGE hit with JOE! She has had one (sometimes 2) helping a day since I made them. I did "thin" it out a bit since JOE has some sensitivities to the original ingredients used.

The best part is that J is interested in trying them too. Considering he doesn't really like eggs, this was big. I plan on making them with just egg whites for him since he can somewhat tolerate egg whites and using spicy Italian sausages.

Anyways, here are the ingredients needed. It is very similar to a frittata or crust-less quiche.

This makes 1-dozen muffins:
1/2 cup egg whites
1/4 cup light heavy cream (yes, they sell those at the grocery store!)
1/2 chopped onion (I used my frozen stash. No teary eyes here :-))
1/2 chopped bell peppers (again, I used my frozen stash)
Sprinkle of parsley
1 cup shredded light mozzarella cheese
1/2 packet of diced turkey bacon (just get the stripes and cut them up. The original recipe calls for spicy sausages. Just be sure to get it out of the casing first).

1. Grease muffin pan with olive oil or cooking spray.
2. NOTE: If you're using sausage, brown it in a pan with the chopped onions and bell peppers before adding to the mixture in step 3 below.
3. If you're using turkey bacon like I did, in a bowl, add in chopped onions, bell peppers, eggs, egg white, heavy cream, cheese (leave some out for later) and seasoning. Mix it all together then add the turkey bacon

4. Spoon mixture into muffin pan filling it to about 3/4 full

5. Top with some cheese
6. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-minutes or until it looks cooked throughout.

JOE decided to "help" me so I gave her a bowl and mixer

Check out my baby hard at work!

The end results

Taste test. YUM! JOE wanted it right away!

Have an awesomely blessed week!


  1. Replies
    1. It really was. My little one has thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

      Just checked out your site. YUM!!! I want those pancakes! :-)

  2. Sean would love these! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. Oh make them for him. It is quite easy! I plan on making the "manly" version with the spicy sausages since J loves those. But if you want to go healthy, a low sodium or low fat meat is the way to go. I am sure shredded chicken would taste yummy too!

  3. looks great, seems easy, might give it a go
    I would like to invite you to my blog,

    1. It really is. Do let me know how it turns out if you make it.

      Thanks for stopping by. Going to check out your blog now.

  4. JOE your little helper, I love it. I always give the boys tupperware to play with when I am cooking :).

    1. She sure is. I enjoy having her watch me cook. Hopefully, she'll pick up a few things along the way :-).

  5. Hmmmm, looks good! Joe's just getting cuter every day! bless her!

  6. JOE is so adorable!! Mommy's little helper! haha
    Is it me, or is her hair growing so fast?! It seems like it growing a lot! Fortunately for her, she has mom's yummy dishes to chow down on. Definitely going to try these one day :)

    1. Lol...I had to keep her busy so she won't bug me too much. It worked! :-)

      Her hair really is growing fast! It is now down her back when stretched. Thankfully, she now lets me take care of it. I found out that she likes scalp massages first so I have been doing that more and she loves it! :-).

      Do let me know how it turns out when you make it.

  7. that's super creative and looks simple too!


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