Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesday (PDW): Food pics and stuff

Yay!!! It is hump day! I am reminded of the camel commercial where the camel wants to remind everyone what day it is. Its really dry humor but thinking of it just made me smile this morning.
Hope you're having a good week so far. I have had a lot on my plate and on my mind in the last few weeks but I am slowly but surely getting back to me.

I have heard the saying "the mind is a terrible thing to lose". Stress does make things a lot more challenging but I am working out and with J's support and JOE's love, things are starting to come together.

Anyways, back to PDW! Some of these are pictures I took a couple of weeks ago.

Trying to lose weight for me means eating fewer carbs and more proteins. That was my dinner. An italian sausage chicken patty, a slice of american cheese, ketchup and pepperdew peppers. YUM!

So I tries to make Akara (bean cakes) again and this time, they were much fluffier and yummier too!

Practicing my photography skills

JOE's nanny just got back from her home Country and brought us some oriental sweets. EVERYTHING is YUMMY! The empty spaces were consumed by me BEFORE J even got home! In my defense, it has nuts and nuts are good for weight loss right?

This was just too funny! JOE sleeping in our bed. She's been teething and for the last week, she has woken up either at 2am or at 4am and wouldn't calm down until we bring her to our bed. Mommy and daddy need sleep so if this'll soothe her, then so be it.

Last week, JOE's nanny was on vacation so J and I got to watch JOE on alternate days. This was on day 2 for me. JOE and I went to the mall for a bit. After she played at the playground, we went to view the giant tank they have at the mall. 

Then got some frozen yogurt.

Look at that confident and determined walk. My model in the making :-).

On day 1, we went to the library. JOE loves it there but I don't think the other readers were too pleased when we were leaving because JOE decided to throw a tantrum and screamed her way all the way to the car!

So this was funny. I made crepes 2 weekends ago and we had one last one that I had saved all through the week. I wanted to have it for breakfast last Thursday since I knew I'd be home. I made my coffee, unwrapped the crepe, put it down and got JOE's oatmeal for her. I turned around and my little girl was running away with MY crepe. She was eating it and laughing at the same time! I tried to get a bite but she would have NONE of it. She ate the entire thing then offered me her messy hand. I thought she wanted me to have the rest but nope...she wanted me to clean her hands! Needless to say, lesson learned! I am going to start hiding when I want to enjoy a treat by myself. J & JOE, BEWARE!!!


  1. Funny, funny, funny!! I love JOE! I can picture my cousin's 3 year old doing something like that when she was younger. All for a laugh too. I made some corn fritters last week and that has got me planning on making Akara too- I just need some black eyed beans! I always laugh when I see the camel commercial. I shared the video with ppl at my office to spread the Hump Day joy! Can't wait till Friday!!! :-D

    1. She sure is. She gives me a lot to laugh about each day and no matter how bad a day I have, I love coming home to her.
      Were you about to make the akara? I made some last weekend and loved them. JOE loves them too!

    2. We need some more eggs, so I think I finally get those beans tomorrow. If I make akara this weekend I'll email you a pic. I can almost smell them now! Ugh, I've been trying to exercise more frequently and eat more healthier, but these types of fried food urges are constant. Lol. ;-)

    3. Oh, can't wait! I am sure it'll be yummy!!!

      I am trying to get my exercise in when I can which is at work. I'll be posting an update soon as I remember to take some "after" pictures :-).
      I justify akara because it is beans which is proteins. I don't eat a ton of it though. Maybe one or two with Ogi :-). YUM!!! As a matter of fact, I think that's what I'll have for dinner tonight :-D

    4. What type of grain/meal/flour do you use to make Ogi? (I think it's the same as what I grew up calling Akamu) ;-) I haven't thought of eating that in so many years and it would go perfect with akara!

  2. I just love that pic of JOE passed out on your bed. I know what you mean about doing what you have to do to survive. Tman is still in our bed at almost 4 years old. We are finally working on getting him out though.

    The food looks so yummy, drooling over here

    1. Lol...yup. She is slowly but surely getting herself back into our bed. I think we'll be doing another cry it out session this weekend because home girl needs to get back to sleeping full time in her bed!
      How is it going with Tman?


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