Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Photo Dump Wednesdays

Well, since I don't have a ton of time to "talk", I figured I can say it in pictures. Here are 2-weeks worth of pictures I have taken.

Happy Hump day!

Started my transitioning process 5.5 months ago. I can actually see the difference in my hair texture.

Yummy spinach and turkey omelet made for me by my awesome "little" brother.

My niece turned 1 a little over a week ago. Check out the cake!

These mango pudding cups were AWESOME! I got the recipe from my sister in law's mom and plan on making it as soon as I can gather the ingredients. They tasted almost like mango lassi!

Party fit for a Princess.

J and the cousins. They really had fun together! They are 4-months apart.

YUM! Fruit kabobs!


The parents of the birthday girl!

JOE loved this hello kitty ballon. She wanted to walk with it everywhere!

And here we are at Church. JOE, making her music concert debut!

Love this pic! My niece, nephew and JOE. Happiness!


Why does my daughter think it is OK to operate MY iPAD with her foot? Please explain why?

My office area is undergoing reconstruction so we have temporarily been moved to another building. Check out the view from the new building. Part of why I love working in DC.

Can't wait until it gets warmer. I'll be having my lunch here on the roof top once its warm enough to.

Hope you're having a fun and awesome week!


  1. Photo dumps are my favorite. Who needs talking anyway :). I am all about documenting life through pics.

    That selfie of you and JOE = priceless. I also love the pic with your niece and nephew.

    I really enjoyed your photo dump. Hope things get less busy soon.

    1. Thank you! I am so with you on documenting life through pics. I love it! I find myself looking through the pictures when I am bored or feeling down.

      Things are starting to settle down some. Thankfully so! I have so much to catch up on :-).

  2. Love the photo dumps :). Looks like your transition is going well.

    Aww and happy birthday to JOE's cousin. Aren't they just so cute!

    1. Thank you! It is going OK. Unfortunately, went to my stylist on Saturday and I think she pulled my hair too tight while doing the twists outs cause I am still in pain 3-days later.

      Thank you for the birthday wish to JOE's cousin. They really are so cute together! :-)

  3. Love the photo dump too! It communicates a lot to us, just like your words. I love the selfie- it's so cute to see your features all over JOE's face. Such a pretty girl! :-)

    1. Thank you! I didn't even think JOE looked like me but looking at that picture, I can actually see similarities in some of our features. YAY!!
      But of course now, she is starting to look more like her dad. I think her face is constantly changing.

  4. So cool to see the curls peeping out from your hair! :)

    Looks like such a great birthday party! Gorgeous cake.

    The selfie of you and JOE, SO pretty!

    Love all the pictures :)

    1. Thank you! I do love seeing it grow. Still don't plan on doing the big chop. I am just not that brave plus I don't know how to do my own hair very well. Although, I am not determined to really learn.

      It certainly was a fun party. We all had a great time visiting with family. :-)

  5. lovely selfie. You have such a great view over DC. I came to DC back in 2011 around April and it was gorgeously sunny. I'll make sure to arrange a meet up next time we're in DC :)

    1. Thank you! Do let me know if you're in DC again. Would be nice to catch up at some point. :-)

  6. Looks like a great time!! And look how big she is getting...can't wait to see JOE again!! I miss working in DC...such a beautiful city!!

    1. It was. We absolutely have to make it happen before your move south!


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