Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hair Update

I haven't done a hair update in a while.  That's because during my pregnancy,  I didn't do much other than put it in a puff or wear it out.
My hair did grow but I'm not quite sure of how much given the fact that I haven't straightened my hair in over a year.  I was planning on getting it straightened just so I could see the length but I am yet to find a good natural hair stylist.  I have stalked a few on instagram and sadly, the before and after pictures they post of their work tells me they are too scissor happy. I am not anti-trim. However, my experience has taught me that most hair stylists that I have encountered are scissor happy.

Since having JAE, free time is a luxury and I just can't dedicate time to doing my hair when I'd rather catch up on my sleep. 
Instead,  I have been keeping my hair in braids and just co-washing it once a week. So far, so good. When I had JOE, I kept my hair in a bun and ended up with a lot of matted hair and breakage. I ended up having to cut my hair. That began a journey that would eventually lead me to the decision to go natural. 

My natural hair journey started in February 2014. My last texturizer was in October of 2013 and I did the big chop in October 2014 figuring that I'd get a growth boost from pregnancy hormone and I did.

This is primarily how I wore my hair towards the end of my pregnancy with JAE. This picture was taken hours before I had JAE. Little did I know then :-).

This was another one of my go to styles.

Like I did when I had JOE, I wore a bun to the hospital.Only this time, I had no bonnet on when I had the baby. JAE came too fast for me to worry about the state of my hair.

Afterwards, I put 2 french braids in my hair.

Then I wore 2 puffs for a couple of weeks. Occasionally taking it down to moisturize and seal with oil.

For our family photo sessions, I decided to do a flat twist in front and puff at the back.

Shortly after that, I put my hair in 4 single braids and that's how I have worn it for the last 2 weeks with the exception of yesterday when I took it down for a meeting.

Since I haven't had a chance to blow out my hair, I wanted to see a comparison of my hair from last October. This is a picture of my freshly washed and braided hair.

Here is a comparison of my hair from last October. It really has grown quite a lot in the last 7-months.

I plan on continuing with my current regimen until I am able to get time for a blow out and flat iron. I will likely need a trim at that point. I am also almost 2-months postpartum. I started shedding at about 3 months postpartum with JOE'S pregnancy. 

This time,  I will be taking manetabolism at my 12-week postpartum mark to try to stave off the shedding. I'll be sure to document my before and after when I do that.

If you have any good postpartum shedding prevention or minimization advise,  please share them.  


  1. Wow, your hair grew a lot in 7months! It's pretty long now. I like the idea of keeping it in braids after JAE was born, I might just do the same. Looking forward to the manetabolism update.

  2. Your hair has grown so much. I wish I had a secret to stop post partum shedding. All I can say is good luck and share the secret when you find it.


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