Monday, July 28, 2014

A hair update: Product Review: Manetabolism Hair vitamins

I finished the 30-day supply of the manetabolism hair vitamins. I am not a pill popper and really don't like taking pills except they are absolutely necessary for my health. With that said, I do take biotin, prenatal vitamins (never stopped after having JOE) and fish oil (on advise from my doctor).

Before I go into the pros and cons of this vitamin, I have to tell you that I really did not think these vitamins would work. I figured it was a fad and likely was only successful due to a good marketing/advertising campaign. However, even with all that, I was willing to give it a try them because as low key as my transition to natural hair has been, I am eager to just have all one texture. Granted, I am one of the lucky ones that hasn't had a lot of issues with my transition.

Anyways, here is my personal review review of the product.
1. They were easy to take. Since they are in capsule form and not tablet.
2. They didn't give me any gas or burping issues after taking them.
3. I didn't experience any headaches or acne. Translation, I experienced no side effects.
4. I did experience 1-inch of growth!

1. It required me to take 2 capsules every day. I took them both at once cause otherwise, I would forget if I had to take it separately.
2. It cost just under $25 for a 30-day supply versus what it would cost to take biotin and MSM supplements (the main ingredients) for 60-days.

Overall, I have more pros than cons and I consider that a win.

So on to my results.

This is what the container looks like.

The ingredients listed. Sorry for the blurry pic. I kept trying and this was the best one. The flash and black background didn't mix so I tried without the camera flash and still no dice.

Where I started on 6/27/14. Just about 4-inches of new growth. 

My results as of 7/24/14. Just about 5-inches. Yes, I am 2-days shy of the full 30-days supply but I figured it would be a busy weekend and I didn't want to forget to take the picture.

I cut a piece off the front of my hair so I could accurately measure. Thankfully, it still fits in the buns I often wear. This piece is now fully natural.

I already cut the back of my hair a while back. Not a noticeable difference since it now blends but enough to be able to see my curl pattern back there.

Here are my side by side results after taking manetabolism for a little less than a month.

It DOES work! I am surprised because if you read my last hair update post, you'll know that my hair only grows about 1/2-inch per month. 

So there you have it. It lived up to the hype and my expectations. Will I take it again in the future? Only if I got a free supply of the vitamins. At this point, I don't plan on investing more in hair vitamins. I'll just stick with what I used to take which is a lot cheaper.

My above comments/experience are MINE ALONE! I am not a medical doctor and am not advocating use or avoidance of this vitamin. 

Up next, I am thinking about trying the "inversion method" thing. Have you heard about or tried it? If so, do share your results. 


  1. That's great that it worked! I haven't taken any of the vitamins because I don't want to spend the money, lol.

    But I'm curious to try and see how much growth I retain!

    1. I hear ya. It is pricey and I guess for me, I am justifying it by saying "I want to big chop by the end of the year and need to have enough hair to do that". We'll see...I started eyeing hairfinity but not ready to commit to the price yet :-).

  2. That's a great review of Manetabolism Hair Vitamins and pretty good results in less than a month... :)

  3. How can i get it,help mii with d sellers details

    1. Hello,
      You can find the seller by visiting this page below.

    2. Hello,
      You can find the seller by visiting this page below.

  4. Here is my email pls inbox mii on how and we're to get d Mena vitamins will rili appriciate.

    1. I responded back to you. I hope you got my email.

  5. I tried hairfinity they were great but my hair seem to get thin a Lil bit but I started manetabolism 30 days ago cut my ends cut my hair into a style to grow in so far today is 2/16/16 and Monday will be a new start on my vitamins thickness and looking full is all i want sometimes we can take wut we want but our hair is just wut it is very satified I give it a 100

    1. I'm glad you have seen a positive experience with it. I am still on it and so far, so good. I will post another hair update soon. Needless to say, I have been able to retain more hair than I have done in the past with the aid of the vitamins. I definitely like them.


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