Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: Father's day 2015

We celebrated father's day a little early since JOE, JAE, J and I all headed to Boston to celebrate with my dad.

J's gifts were all things that I knew he'd appreciate.  
Our childcare provider worked with JOE and JAE to create the perfect craft. They were the cutest.  J loves them so much. 

A few weeks ago,  we had professional family pictures taken.  While there,  the photog had some chocolate covered cookies which J shamelessly indulged in.  I decided to pick up a bear for him. By the way,  these things are delicious and inexpensive from Target.
J's current Samsung galaxy S3 is on its last leg.  So I decided to surprised J with cash for the new S6 (in the envelope on the bear) since his phone carrier is having a sale on them. J can't wait to pick up his new phone this weekend. 

And then I decided to bake a giant cookie for JOE to decorate. I made a peanut butter cookie and got the writing icing for JOE to decorate with.  

She had a blast with it. I helped her with the writing and the yellow border but the rest of it was all her. 

Of course she had to eat some of the sprinkles too while decorating :-).

And here's the final master piece!

I think she did a pretty good job and I think J also really liked his father's day presents.

This is what greeted J when he got home. 

Like I said earlier, we went to Boston for the weekend. Here's a picture (from last Christmas) of my awesome dad. He is THE BEST!!! If you know me, you'll know I got a lot of my traits from him. I am very thankful to God for making me his daughter.

JOE and her cousin are 4-months apart and they are going to be BFFs. I am claiming it for them :-). They played together so much it was cute. "Huggies" was abundant this weekend.

My younger brother came home to celebrate father's day with us and he quickly proceeded to grill up some burgers. This was DELICIOUS!!! YUM!

I took this picture because it reminded me of one taken in 2012 when we visited my parents in Boston after JOE was born. Not much has changed. J really loves his girls! 

On Sunday at Church, my nephew offered to assist me with JAE. Check him out holding his cousin. He is the oldest grandson from my parents and he takes that responsibility seriously. I just love him so much!!! Can't believe how much he is growing up. This is the oldest grandson and youngest grand daughter. Perfect!

I hope you all had an awesome father's day! Can't believe it is Wednesday already!!! The weekend is almost here. YAY!

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