Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hair Update: Postpartum shedding after JAE

Help!!! I'm going bald!

My shed hair after lightly detangling last week.

My shed hair after lightly detangling this week.

And so it begins...I thought perhaps this time I would escape the evil clutches of postpartum shedding or at least enjoy my full luscious hair a little longer but that was not to be.
I co-washed my hair a couple of Fridays ago and to my dismay,  I lost quite a bit of hair.  I hoped it was a fluke since I'd had my hair in braids for a week.  But then,  every time I've run my fingers through it in the last few days,  I've come away with shed hair :-(. *sniff*sniff*.

I decided to start taking the manetabolism vitamins now.  I purchased a 2 month supply during their last sale in hopes of using it to decrease my postpartum shedding.
To see my progress, I took a series of before pictures as well as a comparison of where I was after my big chop and where I am today.

I plan on doing a length check update after the first month. Thankfully,  I haven't lost too much of my edges like I did last time and I am hoping manetabolism helps me retain them this go around.

From this picture, I'm almost at armpit length.

This is my right side by my ear.

My left side by my ear.

The front of my hair.

The back left side of my hair. 

The back right side of my hair.

And so my hair journey continues. I'll be sure to post an update after the first month and another after the second month. In the meantime, since I have limited free time, I'll be doing as much protective styles as I can. For the most part, it'll be 2 or 4 single braids, 2 cornrows or 2 french braids. I try to keep it very simple.

Question of the day:
What are some ways you were able to manage or maintain your hair after having a baby?

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  1. Post Patrum slope is is the absolute worse. I dread it every time I have a baby. Seeing all that hair fall in clumps is just heartbreaking. I am finally just recovering from my hair loss and the baby is 16 months. That is one thing I am not going to miss when I am done having babies

    Hang in there mama, I wish there was a miracle solution to stop this. If you do find it please share


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