Thursday, July 2, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday (on Thursday): Randoms

This week was my last week at home full time marking the official end of my maternity leave. JAE will be 12 weeks on Friday and I feel like the time has seriously flown by. I already miss spending time with her while I was working from home full time. 
JAE smiles a lot. She is such a happy baby. She has always been a good sleeper and recently started giving us 5 to 7 hours of sleep at a time at night.  If only I could take advantage of that but I still have to get up to pump. 
She's also very calm and looks at her sister JOE with adoration. She really makes all the postpartum issues I had to deal with worth it.

As is indicative of photo dump Wednesdays, this post is a compilation of random pics taken since last week.

Here is JAE growing up so fast. I just love her innocent looking face.

Check out JOE's hair! It just keeps growing and growing. When wet, it is now past her butt! Lord help me. Still no idea of when she'll be getting her first good trim though. Hubby and I aren't ready yet.

Last Saturday, I decided to try something different and make some "mixed breed pancakes". Basically, it combined half the ingredients from sweet Nigerian pancakes and half from American pancakes. It was 100% delicious.

When we visited Boston a couple of weekends ago, J had some puff puff. It's basically fried sweet yeasty dough. He liked them (I mean, what's not to like right?). I found a recipe on Pinterest and decided to make them. It turned out pretty yummy although,  they weren't as round as the ones on pinterest but practice makes perfect.

I haven't had any coffee since before Jenna arrived. On Monday, in preparation for the extra hour of sleep I'll be losing next week, I started having a cup of coffee in the morning.  Ifigured it was best for me to try it out to see how JAE would react on breastmilk. Thankfully,  she's been ok.  This was my first cup postpartum and it was a Kahlua flavored coffee with vanilla creamer. Yummo supremo!

Like I said earlier, JAE is growing up so fast. Check her out "holding " her bottle. It's her way of ensuring you don't take the bottle away.

And here are some pictures of my happy smiley giggly baby. Now,  when I put my phone in front of her and say "smile!", this is what I get.  How cute! 

Look who is singing her ABCs.

And learning to walk in mommy's shoes.

And just in time for me to return to walk, JAE decided to hit a major milestone by rolling over at 11 wks. She been doing it for about 2 weeks now but only randomly. Today, she did it consistently.

And here's my weekly mommy/daughter selfie with JOE. JAE was already asleep when this was taken. 


  1. Seriously, JAE's smile is so adorable, my gosh she is so cute. You and J make some cute babies I tell you.

    Your maternity leave really flew by how is she almost 3 months already. Cray cray.

    Ah the post patrum craziness. Good thing we have those awesome babies to help lessen the blow.

    Your mommy daughter selfies are such a great idea, they always crack me up

  2. There was so much that I loved about this post. My goodness, Jae smiling has to top the cuteness charts. Joe looked so precious walking around in your shoes and singing her ABC's.

    Those pancakes looked delicious, too. I've never heard of puff puff, but if it's sweet dough, I'm totally on board.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July... :)

  3. Your girls are so adorable. JOE is just too cute walking in your shoes. And that smile from JAE...heart melting. I can't believe she's so grown! And in South Africa we call puff puffs "fat koeks". Yum!


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