Monday, July 20, 2015

Fun weekend wedding celebration

J's cousin got married the weekend before last. The wedding was in Virginia Beach, VA which is a good 3.5 hours from us without traffic and a solid 6+hours with the heavy traffic we had to contend with on Friday.
It was a long drive between JOE talking and asking for milk and my having to pump twice in the car and also caring for JAE but we made it there safe.
Our room had the smallest queen size bed I had ever laid eyes on (translation, it was a full size bed) and when we asked to see if they had any larger rooms, we were told they were fully booked. Needless to say, we won't be recommending the hotel.
However, in spite of that foolery, we had a fabulous time at the wedding with J's family. They got to meet JAE and also spend time with growing JOE. The last time they saw JOE, she was just a few months old. 

Here are some pictures from the very beautiful wedding. 

JAE and I spent most of the evening together :-). This little one refused to sleep the entire evening. She stayed up until well after 10pm!

NOTE: My pictures again are loaded from the bottom up. I am still trying to figure out my new Samsung Galaxy S6 so if you want to see the pictures in chronological order, feel free to scroll all the way down and then view from the bottom up.

J and his girls. 

The beautiful bride throwing the bouquet. 

Her sister caught it! Another family wedding soon? Time will tell. 

The beautiful couple. 

I discovered that JOE LOVES to dance!

And here she is dancing with her dad. Too cute!


JOE dancing with her 3rd cousin.

JAE and her grammy (J's mom).

JAE with her grammy and JOE with her g-dad (in the corner).

The lovely couple listening to the very sweet toast from the matron of honor and the bestman.

This was just the sweetest. Towards the end of the father-daughter dance, the bride's other sisters and mom came out and finished out the dance. 

The father-daughter dance. So touching.

The beautiful couple having their first dance. 

JOE and her g-dad. She pretty much spent the evening with her grammy and g-dad and she told me afterwards that she had a great time with them.

Me and my arm candy JAE. She really is just the sweetest baby.

J and his youngest.

JOE, her uncle M and her grammy.

Guests got to write their well wishes on the board. How awesome is that? A unique and beautiful way to remember the day.

Another one of JOE and her grammy. 

The cake was seriously DELICIOUS!

I love the place setting.

Beautiful centerpieces.

The beautiful couple. They are going to have some really cute babies! And they both have just the sweetest personality. Definitely an awesome match.

They paid attention to the details. 

I really loved this sign. 

The groom's dad was the officiant. Definitely a beautiful gift to the couple.

On our way to the wedding. We clean up nice. Check out our little one at the back :-). 

My yummy honey.

I loved the way my makeup turned out. 

 In the midst of all the festivities, my baby girl turned 3-months. But I just brought her home from the hospital! Why is time going by so fast???

Hope you had a lovely weekend. I hope to do more blogging this week since I am now back to my regular schedule. 

Oh and stay tuned for my "honey hubby" a.k.a J. He'll be doing a video log soon.


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun-filled weekend. Those are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We sure did. Glad you enjoyed viewing then.

    2. We sure did. Glad you enjoyed viewing then.

  2. Such a fun wedding. I love family weddings so much, a great opportunity to see everyone and hang out with the family.

    Your makeup was on point, you guys definitely clean up good ;).

    1. Awww...thank you! I'm trying on more lip colors now. I think going natural makes me feel more empowered. I've heard people say it but never really understood. Now I do!


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