Friday, July 24, 2015

JOE and JAE's week in pictures

JOE and JAE had quite a fun week. The weather was really nice so their child care provider was able to take them out often to enjoy the outdoors. 

Here are some pictures from their adventures this week. 

After a full day, here's JAE sleeping. She literally did not want to let me go. JOE can sometimes be loud and this disrupts JAE's sleep so whenever JAE gets a chance to sleep, she makes very good use of the time. 

My lovely view while pumping. 

JAE and JOE's child care provider often sends me pictures during the day. These pictures often come right when I am having a hectic or stressful day. They are a reminder of just why I get up at 4:20am every weekday morning.

JOE loves going to the play ground where she gets to interact with other kids. 

I was going through my phone's pictures yesterday and saw this picture of JAE when she was just a few minutes old. I can't believe that was 15-weeks ago!

I saw this on Facebook this week and I would very much like to have something like this somewhere in our home. I just need to figure out where. 
Filing this under my ever growing list of "DIY projects."

And this is another one of the mommy-daughters selfie from the cutting room floor. I had a ton of these. 

My mini-me and I. 

The next few pictures are of JOE and JAE playing. 

Or rather, JOE playing and JAE trying to get away. JAE just wants to be left alone. 

But JOE was having none of that :-). Sisterly love! 

Another one of JOE at the playground. 

Miss. Too Cool for Words.

A very dear friend of mine gave me some hats for the girls. I kept most of them for the girls to eventually wear to Church but I let JOE use this one for playing. She has decided it is her "Sheriff Callie" cowgirl hat. Love her creativity.

I haven't had much one on one time with JOE since JAE arrived so I have decided that JOE and I will be going on a mommy-daughter date on Sunday. I am very much looking forward to it because I know she'll have a great time. More on that next week. 
Have a fabulous weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. I can never decide which pictures of the girls I like the best because they are such cuties. As soon as I saw Jae in that car seat and Joe in that cute little hat, it just made my heart smile and I knew they were my favorite pics of them today. I really loved the selfie with you and the girls, too.

    The pictures framing the doorway are also really pretty. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it... :)

    1. Awww...thank you! They rashly bring us so much joy.
      I am on the hunt for frames that's work. I've already identified where they'll go :-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Aww these are such precious moments between the girls! I love that you will be having special time with awesome!

  3. J, I think you are doing such a great job with documenting things. Keeping up with the kids is not easy but we sure try.

    JAE is such a happy baby, she is always smiling on every picture. JOE is such a great big sister, always trying to help JAE, so awesome.

    Excited to see you guys in a few weeks


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