Thursday, July 23, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday (on Thursday): Manetabolism update - month 1

I completed my first month back on the manetabolism vitamins last week Wednesday. The first time I used this product, I had nothing but positive things to say about it which is why I decided to try it again to see if it'll help with my postpartum shedding/breakage. 

Before I do my review, I'll share some pictures with you and then do my review. 

NOTE: After washing my hair last Monday, I cut half an inch off it to get rid of the thin ends. 

 Length check after 1-month on manetabolism.

Sorry for the crazy look. It was wash day :-).

Side by side length check. 



  1. I didn't see as much growth as I expected. I did cut off half an inch of hair on Monday but that was AFTER I took these pictures. I guess even manetabolism cannot combat mother nature.
  2. My shedding was not significantly reduced. It appeared to be more in July than in June. But I am hoping that's just because I am in the "height of postpartum shedding". Hopefully, it'll be significantly reduced the next time I do a check. 
  3. My hair DID get fuller. So even though I am shedding, it is growing. I guess the vitamins did work a bit in that regards.
I plan to continue on the vitamins since I still have another 90-day supply (I bought 2 more bottles when they had a 30% off sale). 
I don't know if it is working as far as longer hair but I know it is making my hair fuller. I still plan on straightening my hair at some point but for now, I'll wait until I am done with taking the vitamins and can do a real check.
In the meantime, this is how I've been wearing my hair for the last week. I told my good friend I love being natural because it gives me an excuse to not spend a ton of time trying to do my hair and still have it look semi-decent :-).

Question of the day: 
Have you ever taken a hair growth vitamin? If so, did it work for you?


  1. Your hair looks so good! I think the vitamins are def. working because your hair looks so full. I am also thinking that if maybe you were not taking the vitamins then you would be shedding a whole lot more but your hair is actually staying put. I'm feeling like I need to give this a shot!

    1. Awww...thank you! I think it is working differently since my hormones are still normalizing postpartum.
      It is worth a try. Have you tried biotin yet?

  2. Looking good... My daughter is using Biotin, iron, vitamin D and coconut oil every day and this has gotten her from a twa to almost shoulder length in two years. She's very happy with the results.

    1. That's great! I love when someone finds a routine that works for them. I am still going through my experimental phase and I'll be 2 years into my journey in November.

  3. I might have to take some of these vitamins because your hair looks great! So full and healthy looking! I so don't know what to do with my hair nowadays!


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