Friday, July 3, 2015

Hair update: My growing puff

I co-washed my hair yesterday and was so impressed with how much its grown that I decided to do another a post on it. 

I posted last year that I wasn't so sure about going natural and if you recall when I first made the decision, I was not entirely sold on it. However, I can now say after about 8-months of being fully natural, I am loving the journey and loving how much healthier my hair is. 
Postpartum shedding is no joke but I'm hoping to combat that with the manetabolism vitamins I started taking last week.

This post has a lot of comparison pictures. Its just a shameful post to show off my hair so enjoy! :-). I figured I don't know what the state of my hair will be after postpartum shedding is done with it and since I didn't have many pictures last time after I had JOE, I am documenting it this time.

If you recall, this was me last year with my faux drawstring puff. I really liked that it got me through my much needed transition and it blended so well with my hair. 

If you're interested, this is what I used. I got it online and can't remember how much it cost but it wasn't more than $20. Definitely worth the investment!

I used it on different styles and LOVED the way it turned out! Well, check out this side by side of the puff and my real hair as of yesterday. My real hair is now more than my puff! I even have a little bit of "hang" action going on with the back curls which grow a lot faster than the rest of my hair.

Side view of my real hair without the puff.

Another shot.

And another. Yes I know...silliness! :-P

And another! Don't judge me. I was really loving my hair after washing it yesterday. By the way, all I have in it is my oil mix which consists of melted African shea butter, olive oil, peppermint oil, jamaican black castor oil and almond oil all whipped together.

Hair fresh out of the shower.

Lightly damp hair. 

Comparison of my puff over time. Here's the one I posted last year. It shows a month's progress after my big chop.

Here's an after wash comparison from December 2014 to June 2015.

And one from big chop to yesterday. 

While I couldn't say this before, I can say it now. I feel like I made the right decision going natural. Originally, I didn't have any hair goals but now I think I'll set some. If you follow me on Instagram, I'll be using the following hashtag whenever I post about it #myjjdiaries.

  1. My first goal will be to have healthy natural hair after postpartum shedding is done with me. Hopefully, I'll be at armpit length when stretched by the end of September. I am basing this date on the fact that my shedding often happens between 3 - 6 months postpartum.
  2. My second goal is to grow my hair to bra strap length when stretched by the end of the year. This is where it was towards the end of my first pregnancy. 
  3. My third goal is to grow my hair to full mid-back length when stretched by the end of June 2016 .

For those of you wondering what the different lengths are, here's a hair chart I found online. 

Questions of the day:
Have you ever set a hair goal? 
If so, did you achieve it? 
How did you achieve it (vitamins, eating healthy, daily scalp massages, etc)?


  1. Oh wow!!! So much beautiful growth. I'm glad that you are loving your natural hair journey. I'm inspired to set some hair goals myself. But I think I'll wait and see what post partum shedding has for me, since I've never been there. Will defo be on the look out for your updates on instagram.

  2. Your hair has grown so much and good thing you are documenting every step. Keep up the good work, you'll reach your goal before you know despite the postpartum alopecia.

  3. Your hair is growing so beautifully!!! I know you will reach your goals!


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