Monday, June 8, 2015

Are we done yet?

"Are you done yet?" This is a question I have gotten a few times since we had JAE. Both friends and acquaintances have asked this question to know if we'll have another baby after JAE since we have 2 girls.

Sometimes when people ask me this question, I want to say "its none of your business!" But my mom instilled in me politeness and I often just say "time will tell" or "we don't know." The truth is we just don't know. I always said I'd want to have 3 kids. However, I haven't had the easiest deliveries. And I find myself wondering if I am foolish to be thinking of #3 when #2 just popped out not too long ago.

My girls are awesome. I love them with all of my heart. But part of me also would love to experience what its like to be a mommy to a boy. Which is not to say that I would be disappointed if we go for #3 and end up with another girl. 

My husband would also like a boy but if we go for #3 and its a girl, we would be just as happy. The most important thing is a happy, healthy child.

So in answer to the question "are we done yet", I simply don't know. It is in God's hands. J and I will decide sometime next year if we feel our family is complete. For now, I am thoroughly enjoying being a mommy to 2 awesome, happy and healthy girls. 

J loves his girls. On Sunday after I got up to go pump, J took JAE. She quickly fell asleep. I just had to snap this picture when I came back to the room and saw this. Don't worry...she is safe. We are very careful when she's in our bed.

Our weekly mommy/daughter selfie. Can you tell who will be the kid making faces in pictures? One guess...its the kid who isn't smiling :-). Scroll on...

Apparently, we bore JAE.

And here she is saying "oh you mean, I should smile? But why???"

I love this picture. JOE and JAE truly are the best parts of J and I. I feel so blessed every morning when I wake up to their beautiful faces.

Question of the day:
Would you go for a 3rd child if your first 2 were of the same gender? If so, why or why not?


  1. Your babys are beautiful.....i always wanted 3kids but my hubs wanted 2. Well my first is a boy...when my second child came out he was also a boy. Let me tell you i love my boys to death. But deep inside me i really realllly wanted my mini me. A girl. Hubs said nope we are done with 2. With time i accepted i will be a boy mom even though i did not feel complete deep down. When my second son was 10months i got pregnant on my 31st birthday....(*we had too much birthday fun*). I told my hubby and to my surprise he was so happy. I never checked what the baby was i was praying for a girl so bad. On january 10,2015. God gave me my heart desire , A princess. I am so happy and i feel complete...i have my mini...

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  3. The girls are so beautiful!

    It's one of those questions that I've just learnt to brush off I guess, but that said not many outsiders have asked me though! If we had had another girl we would still have stopped I think cos hubby wanted 1 (I know!) and I wanted 2, I had to beg, hard! Thankfully we have one of each so that's a wrap for us officially, unless God has other plans of course! :) x

  4. Good and encouraging comments. Nice blogging.

  5. J,

    this is probably the million dollar question, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about another baby, we would be millionaires.

    You and J will know what makes sense for your family. You make gorgeous girls and I hope and pray that if you have another baby, you end up with a beautiful healthy baby boy. I know you would be happy either way, trust me after 3 boys I would still be happy with another boy, but man it would be beautiful to experience raising each sex. Good luck with whatever decision you make, I hope it ends up with a 3rd baby though ;). I need to have friends in the large family clan with me.

    I am still working on convincing my hubby that we should go for a 4th and I am hoping and praying that it's a girl. Though I would be happy either way, I would be ecstatic with a girl. Number 4 will be our last so I am praying and crossing my fingers and everything. She even has a name :). God is faithful and if it makes sense for my family, I know he will answer the desires of my heart.

    Andrea - That was such a beautiful comment and such an amazing testimony. I am so glad God heard your prayer and answered the desires of your heart.


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