Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wedding Series: My Sister's Big Fat Scots/American/Nigerian Wedding (Part 1 of 2) - PICTURE HEAVY!!!

I am FINALLY getting around to posting these pictures. I was trying to sort through all my pictures and finally had to narrow it down to pre-wedding and wedding ceremony pictures and post wedding/reception pictures.

So here we go!

J enjoyed spending time with her aunties and grandma. She was with "the girls" :-D.

 My little girl all dressed up.

 Not even sure of what she was doing here. But look at that massive set of curls on JOE's head.

The bride's bouquet.

The men all wore kilts. Check out 2 of my awesome 3 nephews. How handsome are they? I say VERY!!!

The groom's uncle played the bagpipes. He was pretty good!

And so it begins. My nephew and niece. Gorg!

Another nephew and niece.

The groomsmen.

The groom, his bestman and the officiating minister.

My sister didn't want pictures taken during the actual ceremony so no one had pictures of it. At least not until the photographer shares them. I'll be sure to share them if I can.

Anyways, jumping to post ceremony pictures.

Yes, that is JOE trying to get the flower girls basket from my niece.

Still fighting foro it. And check out the looks on my nephews faces.

Victory! My niece relented and gave it to her.

Then she took it back and JOE decided to have a tantrum.

She wanted nothing to do with the pictures anymore. Here she is walking away. :-).

The men on the other hand all cooperated :-D.

And there they are. The newly minted bride and groom.

Newlyweds riding in style.

And then there's this one of my brother and husband. I have a very funny video of them tapping their feet. I'll be sure to post it later. According to them, they "make this look gooood". I agree :-D.

Well, there you have it. More pictures will be posted of the reception/party next week. We had an awesome view and I can't wait to share them with you. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Yay! I was waiting for these pics to be posted ;-) Your sister looked so good! I loved her dress, hair and jewelry! The wedding colors were so vibrant too! Congratulations to them! I can't wait to see more pics next week. :)

    1. Thank you! Glad the pictures didn't disappoint. It was an absolutely lovely wedding. I still need to post pictures from the reception. Just haven't had a chance to do so but will try to do that this week.

  2. Beautiful wedding--seemed like a lot of fun too! Your daughter is soo cute. I just love her hair. I love that she has such a strong little personality--future leader :). Congrats to the lovely bride and groom :)

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun. JOE's hair is A LOT. Not complaining but I wish she would let me do it in peace every now and then. Its always a struggle every week so doing her hair is becoming one of my least favorite things. Hopefully, she'll grow out of this phase.

  3. Your sister had such an amazing wedding and I love that fabulous Rolls Royce... :)

  4. Such a beautiful celebration of your sister and brother in law's love. The narration is so much better with the pics. I feel like I was there with you guys :).

    I seriously loved reading about this, can't wait for part 2.

    1. Thank you thank you! I have to post part 2. Been lazy and have so many other projects in the works and no time to post about all of it.

      Will try this week to get at least 2 more posts out.

  5. GORGEOUS!!! Everyone looked amazing.. I am trying to catch up on everyone's blogs and this was a great post to start me off!

    1. Thank you! Welcome back! Hope all is going well with your littlest boy.


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