Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun weekend with the family

Last weekend was a holiday weekend and we made a lot of fun plans as a family. The rain put a little damper on things but it wasn't entirely a wash out. 

On Saturday, we didn't get to go out for our family walk because it was raining. Instead, I made some blueberry pancakes for the family. Afterwards, while J and JOE played, I worked on JOE's birthday skirt.

Here's a picture of JOE still in bed watching the iPAD. You can't see the rest of her "friends" lined up on her pillow and of course there's her Doc McStuffins stethoscope. She is always prepared to give a checkup!

I guess she got tired of me taking pictures. Here she is yelling "come on momma!" Another thing I blame Disney Junior for. Her vocabulary!!!

JOE and her "friends"...Lambie and Monkey and Stuffy and Pooh and Baby! She'll be getting the rest of the Doc McStuffins collection for her birthday but shhhh...don't tell her that.

So fast forward to Sunday. We got ready and planned on going on our annual Apple Picking adventure. We checked out the website to make sure it said nothing about not having apples and we got on the road. Funny enough, JOE decided she HAD to have an apple on the way there. Don't mind her face, she was enjoying the "yummy apple!" And incase you are wondering, I have to use my teeth to peel the skin off since her cute little teeth can't quite get at it yet.

Anyways, we got to the Orchard only to find out there were out of apples! I was quite a bit disappointed especially since there were no signs earlier on and they hadn't updated their site. ANNOYED! Anyways, we figured next time, we would actually call instead of just going by what is on their website. 

Since it was an hour drive from our house, we made the best of things and just decided to stay for the Fall festival they were having. Definitely a good idea because JOE enjoyed it.

We went on a Hayride. JOE wasn't feeling it at first but then she got into it. 

The hayride took us to a pumpkin patch. JOE was so excited and we told her if she could carry it, we would purchase it for her. 

She tried to find one she could lift. She really did :-D.

But we couldn't find any. Even J tried to help her but they were all too big.

Then she tried to direct us to carry it. Not having none of that. I can get a pumpkin cheaper at Walmart and didn't feel like hauling one back home anyways. :-).

But my daughter never gives up! Definitely like her momma in that regard. She doesn't take no for an answer :-).

At the end of the hayride, they had tiny pumpkins for the kids. JOE saw them and was so excited to get one. So of course, we got her a small one. Wanna know the first thing she did when we got home? Give it a checkup of course!

This was another activity JOE surprisingly loved. There were other kids in there and she wanted to just hang with them and run around. 

While J and JOE were in the magic mase, I decided to take pictures of these fun pumpkins. Recognize any of your favorite superheroes?

There's Rapunzel!

And Popeye!

Sebastian and Tweety! And even Humpty Dumpty in the corner. 

Check out the scary Ms :-).

And the 3 little piggies. Too cute!

And of course Elsa and her sister from the movie Frozen. 

It was a fun time and even though we came home with no apples, we still enjoyed our day. 

On Monday, we planned on going to a local airport observation park to watch planes take off and land. But it was just too cloudy and we saw maybe 4 planes the entire time we were there. So instead, to make it a memorable time, JOE "drove" with J half way around the parking lot. They were going wicked slow that I could have walked faster but she LOVED every bit of it. 

J LOVES cars and I have no doubt our daughter is going to be the same way. 

We had such an awesome weekend. I also took the following day off work to stretch it out a bit. I was able to get a few things done around the house and even started working on a costume for JOE. More on that in a later post. 

Have a fabulously blessed weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. What a great weekend full of excitement.

    I love the pumpkin patch and totally always make a point to visit every year. So much fun for the kids. JOE looks so happy driving around with her dad.

    I love 3 days weekend. We get one every month from now until March, YAY.

    1. Thank you! We had a great time. I am hoping we can find a place closer home next year cause between the drive and the lack of Apples, I was a little disappointed but I am glad it turned out OK.
      3-day weekends are THE BEST! We should have one every other week :-).

  2. This was such a fun post and that Fall festival was pretty cool. I really loved how they dressed up those pumpkins... :)

    1. It was a fun weekend. The people who did the pumpkins definitely did a fabulous job! I knew who they were trying to represent which is always a good thing.

  3. Seemed like a fun filled weekend. You have such a beautiful family and that JOE is one adorable kiddo. We are taking the kiddos to the pumpkin patch this week. Should be fun.

    1. It was. Thank you!

      Do post pics of your Fall festivities when you can. I miss reading your updates.

  4. So much fun!!!

    She's such a little cutie.

    How does the orchard run out of apples! LOL!

    1. It sure was fun and I have the same question! How does an orchard run out of the apples. Oh well...we'll have to find another location next year.


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