Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Thanksgiving 2016 - Celebration, Tradition and Creation

Happy Thanksgiving! I know I am a little late. I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving celebration with your family. We had a great time and enjoyed the long weekend as a family. 

My mother in law cooked up a feast for Thanksgiving and we all had a great time indulging in the yummy goodness. I completely forgot to take pictures of all the delicious dishes :-(. However, I did get this picture of our traditional breakfast of eggnog french toast. John and I LOVE it :-).

On Friday evening, after work, J and I took the girls out to see the Christmas light at the part. This is a family tradition every year. This year, our back seat driver (aka JOE) called out all the pictures she wanted me to take. We often go to the same place so the show doesn't change much but it was nice for her to really get to appreciate it this year. The first time in 4 years :-). 

The next day, we took the girls out to see a movie after breakfast. The girls had breakfast by the warm fire place. We saw Moana and absolutely LOVED it! JAE to our surprise was very quiet and watched THE ENTIRE movie! She really loved the movie and I think it is because she sees a little bit of herself in the main character. 
JOE enjoyed the movie too although, she found some parts scary. I didn't think it was though. But what is scary to a toddler is likely not scary to an adult. 

Then we went to see a tree lighting not too far from us. We went to the same place too last year. The girls enjoyed the free hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. 

On Sunday after Church, we decided to put up our Christmas decoration. Because we knew how long it would take, we only planned on doing the outside. However, JOE was so helpful that we were able to also do most of the inside. So next weekend, we will be able to spend more time putting up the trees and taking pictures.

After we got a chance to relax, we got cleaned up and headed to the mall so the girls could take pictures with Santa. They were too cute! JOE wants a pony! She doesn't even ride so don't ask me. We will get her one from the My Little Pony collection. 
JAE on the other hand wanted NOTHING to do with Santa. I count the visit a success though because neither of them cried. #winning!

We feel very thankful for our many blessings and being able to celebrate with family. 

On a side note, AyoBE Boutique has had a good year and I feel very blessed to be able to bring a dream of mine to reality. It hasn't been easy but I am very thankful for the gift of creativity. If you haven't already done so, please go check out the site. There's LOTS to choose from and something for everyone. Here's a quick video of some gift ideas/stocking stuffers. 

Have a fabulously blessed week and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. I love your traditions and the fact that JOE was able to appreciate them this year. She's growing up :) Haha, those pictures of JAE with Santa ... she'll be able to laugh at those in a few years. They're classic. They look beautiful in their dresses.

    We haven't started any decorating so hopefully this weekend! I need to get started already :)

  2. Such a great celebration. I also love everything about traditions, it's so fun to look back and see what we always did. I am sure the girls will remember those traditions for year to come.

    Pictures with Santa, yay. We haven't gone, I hope we can go this weekend, I am just dreading the lines.

    Go Ayobe boutique, do the dang thing girl


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