Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Transition

We are going through a childcare provider transition with the girls. Last week, their new provider started. She's great with the girls but JOE is having a bit of an adjustment phase but we are getting there. The process of transitioning kids to new child care arrangements can be very fragile so I am thankful that so far, the girls are adjusting. 

Since the new provider started last week, I wasn't really expecting much as far as arts/crafts from the girls since I figured they'd be learning/building their relationship. So of course, it really gladdened my heart when I got home one day and JOE told me she had made me this bracelet to wear to work the next day. 
Yes, it is made of pipe cleaners but honestly, it is the thought that counts. Even though it didn't match anything I was wearing to work the next day, I chose to wear it to show her that I really appreciate it. 
Of course though, the minute I got home, she wanted it back. Go figure!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been posting about my rides. Well, I was especially proud of myself last week because we had one particularly COLD day! I didn't want to go bike riding but J said "bundle up and you! You'll be glad you did". I can honestly say that I am glad I did. I love the little progress I see here and there so I want to keep up the momentum.

We FINALLY finished decorating our home last Sunday! WOOHOO!!! It was a LONG process and I am glad it is done. The one positive is that we decided this year to split it up over the course of 2-weekends instead of 1. That made things A LOT easier because we could spend time as a family and not get too stressed out trying to cater to the girls while putting up decorations and stopping them from breaking the fragile stuff. 
I think we'll do this from here on out as far as splitting the process into 2 weekends as opposed to 1. 


The tree. This was a VERY labor intensive process. This is a pre-lit tree and the directions say it should only take 15-minutes to set up. I don't know who lied to the makers but 2-hours later, we were struggling to get all the lights connected. Needless to say, there is a section that's still not working but after both J and I got cut all over our arms (we were actually straight up bleeding!!!), we decided to just decorate the tree without dealing with the section that wouldn't light up.

JOE helped to put up the ornaments this year and I really love that she placed each one with so much care. JAE slept through most of it and was surprised when she woke up to a tree in the house. She has been pretty good though and hasn't really touched the ornaments or the train. Like JOE was at her age, she is a little scared of the train. Can I say I am kinda glad about that? Because it means she won't be touching the tracks and messing it up :-).

The fireplace. Last year, we put the Nutcrackers on the morning room buffet so JAE won't get to them. This year, we were able to display it by the fireplace. JAE touched them a bit but after we corrected her, she hasn't really bothered them since.

The stairs...Can you tell I LOVE Christmas? :-)

The morning room. 

This is my favorite area because JOE put together this set up. She really is very proud of her little village and I am very proud of her. 

As I said earlier, I know the transition has been a little tough on JOE because she really loves her former childcare provider. So to help with that, I decided to organize a "mommy and me" date. It was JUST what the doctor ordered. 
I'm wearing a wig. My hair was in flat twists since I washed it the day before and I didn't feel like taking it out :-).
We went to get our nails done. Then went to pick up dinner and JOE got to pick up a treat. After that, we went to Five and Below and I let her pick up a toy for herself and one for her sister. It was definitely a very successful time and I enjoyed it. 
But ummm...why is 90% of the stuff at Five and below actually $5? Shouldn't you get a lot more options for BELOW $5? 



Took out the flat twists and love the way my hair turned out. Heading to Church on Sunday...I love our car selfies. Looking forward to next April when JAE is front facing so she can start being in the pictures.

 Me and my #1 girl.

While JOE was at Sunday school, JAE was playing with my phone during the Church service. I didn't realize I had this picture until I started importing pictures for today's post. Yeah...that's JAE taking pictures on my phone!

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Have an awesomely blessed week and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. Splitting it into two weekends is so smart. I did that this year and will complete this weekend. But man, it is SO much work getting it the way we want it.

    Your home is beautifully decorated, inside and out!

    Glad that the girls are transitioning well ... love the mommy, daughter date! There's nothing quite like being pampered with a manicure :)

  2. Your Christmas decorations look amazing. I am so impressed at how well they turn out every year.

    The mommy and me mani pedi spa time is the best. We'll have to take our girls together when Emilia is older


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