Friday, November 4, 2016

Big steps

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. My younger sister A is known for reaching for the skies! And it really has paid off well for her. 

I remember when we were young living in Boston. She wanted to attend a private high school in the heart of the city. It was really not something that my folks could take on at that time financially with 2 kids in college. However, she applied anyways and got accepted. She was able to get scholarships while she was there that paid for her education. That then led into a huge scholarship at one of Boston's leading colleges and then on to MIT for graduate school. Yes she is a bit of a brainiac. However, she has taught me some really important lessons. 

While I am not a glass half empty person, I sometimes look at things and hesitate to make strides if I am afraid of failure. As a project manager, my goal is always to succeed at whatever I do so IF I see that something might not be as successful, I immediately start to look for a mitigation plan OR alternative. It is my nature.
However, I have come to realize that sometimes, you just have to make the jump without over thinking things. 

I spent the last few weeks questioning my career path and my career goals. Asking myself, where am I? Is it where I want to be? What do I want to achieve?

You see, I have never been someone who says "I want to be rich." Granted, every now and then, I say "I need to hit the lottery." I was brought up to believe in "having enough AND TO spare." I would like to have enough to help take care of my family and enough to share with others because being charitable is ingrain in me. 
I view my career as a way to achieve that goal.

While I am not where I want to be. I am where God wants me right now. I continue to work towards achieving my goals while also looking for ways to be a contributing member of society. 

Did you start out having career goals? If so, have you achieved them? If not, are you still working towards it or are you going in a different direction?


  1. Good words and thoughts. I'm embracing the fact that God has me where I am for a reason. I am just patiently waiting to see the reasons and to be bold enough to "go for it" whenever an opportunity (whether work related, or people/community related) presents itself.

    1. That's an awesome and positive way to look at things. I like that! Praying for a revelation and blessing for you soon.


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