Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Sisters and best friends

I am one of six. Specifically, the 2nd child but first of 4 girls. I love my siblings. I especially love the bond I share with my sisters. We haven't always gotten along but as we've all gotten older, we've hit our stride and everyone for the most part knows how to stay in each other's good graces. Don't get me wrong, my family does not sugarcoat things. They call it as they see it and I love that about them. But in-spite of that, we have learnt to appreciate our strengths and help when someone is weak in an area.

My sisters and I are close. Even though we are spread out around the world, we still check in with each other everyday even if it is a quick "have a fabulously blessed day" text or "I need prayers about...".
Having sisters is an awesome blessing and I look forward to growing old with them and chatting about the foolishness we participated in while we were young.Check out this oldie but goodie. I believe this picture is from Christmas of 2009 after I got engaged. Wow! Time flies.

This brings me to JOE & JAE. Being so close to my sisters makes me value just how awesome their bond is even at a young age. 
JOE knows she is the older sister and often keeps an eye out for JAE. JAE is the protector and will give you a mean look if you come at her sister. 
On Monday, JOE had her annual check up. She had to get 2 scheduled vaccinations. While JOE cried (she also had a bit of a cold), JAE turned to the nurse, pointed her little finger at her and started yelling gibberish at the nurse! She was NOT happy that someone was causing her sister pain.

JOE knows that JAE loves to watch planes. We live not too far from the airport. Often when JOE sees a plane, she'll say "look JAE, its a plane!" and this brings JAE so much joy. 

They are stroller buddies and often share their snacks. BUT not their water though. That is often cause for someone screaming so when we go out, we have to bring them their own individual bottle of water.

The love being around each other often. JOE plays the big sister and loves to help JAE out if she is trying something and hasn't been able to complete it.

And they have the most complementary personalities. JOE is playful and loves to help everyone.

JAE is more adventurous and wants to get to know you before she determines if she wants to play with you.

Last week, we have to take JAE in to get blood drawn for allergy tests. JOE wanted to sit with her. But when she discovered she couldn't, she sat with me and squeezed my hands to "help JAE." Not sure how it helped her but it was really nice to see.

They are the best of friends and love to goof around. I love watching them grow and forge a strong relationship. A fellow blogger often says giving your child a sibling is like giving them a built in best friends. I 100% agree with her. 

Speaking of, I even did the same braid style on their hair last week. Check out JAE's hair growing in nicely. She loves her braided hair and loves to shake it :-).

And just because...this is their pedigree...Love wins. I'm wearing the Everest head tie and earrings set from AyoBE Boutique.

Have a fabulously blessed week and remember to be kind to strangers.


  1. This post ... all the feels. I feel the same way about having my sisters. I love to watch your girls develop their strong bond. You can see easily how much they adore each other and it melts my heart. You have such beautiful girls!!

  2. I never had a sister and always wish I had. Because of that I got really close to my girl cousins. I love watching my boys interact and I really thing having a sibling is the best ever.

    Look at JAE's hair looking so long already. Wow time sure flies, loving that picture of you and your siblings


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