Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A PJ Masks Affair...

How is it that I am writing about my daughter's 4th birthday party when I still so vividly remember her actual birth day?

So JOE requested a PJ Masks themed party. She was pretty adamant that that's what she wanted. She also requested to be Catboy because as she puts it, "he is the leader" and that's who she wants to be. 

Me being the DIY mom that I am, I proceeded to make her a skirt with attached underwear covers since her party was going to be at an indoor trampoline facility. 

I then ordered her shirt online through JC Penney while they were on sale.

For the cake, I went looking through Pinterest for options. And found a few options. I showed them all to JOE. She picked out the one below.

To keep with the theme, I found this AWESOME lady - Jackie Chews who custom made these cookies at a very reasonable price. You can order them online and they are delivered the week of your celebration. PLEASE go check out her page to order cookies for your next event. You won't be disappointed. It is hard to impress a DIY mom like me but she totally did with these cookies! AND they taste great! Like short bread cookies. YUM!!! Here is her Instagram page if you need ideas of some of the cookies she's made. 
No, she's not paying me and I don't even know her in real life but I am HIGHLY impressed with her work!

I wanted the gift bags to also include the party themes so I ordered these masks from ChasinStitches on Etsy. She has other characters so if you're looking for something for your little one's party, go check her out as well!

I purchased red, blue and green paper bags and put a few items including the yummy cookies in each bag. Then stapled the masks to the bags. 
I love the way it turned out! The best part? Each kid gets an awesome mask to wear later!

I purchased a Cricut for AyoBE Boutique a while back. Since I was feeling somewhat creative, I decided to make the characters to go on the table weights. Keep scrolling to see how I used them. 
I didn't have any specialty paper at home so I cut up one side of the gift bags and basically used the cricut to cut out all the characters on each paper them taped them together on a white piece of paper. 

Final results.

Family selfie on our way to the party. Looking forward to when JAE is forward facing so we can include her in pictures.
Oh and I spy with my little eye, the Skye African Print Chiclet earrings from AyoBE Boutique! Since it didn't make sense for me to dress up as Catboy for the party, I wore something that complemented it very well :-).

JOE thoroughly enjoying her party. This was the perfect location for her celebration!

The cake. Along with the weights. 

Owlette! Check out my table weight display!

 The party girl herself!

Strike a pose!

Saving the day!

Hey there T-bird! My fellow blogger turned real life friend was there with her family! Talk about when friends become family! Peg is just so awesome! She's met just about every member of my family in real life. She and her family are #AWESOME! 
She comes to our celebrations and makes it much more lively! We love hanging out with her and her family.

Hey there Owlette!

Time to cut the cake!

My beautiful 4-year old daughter. 

She had a blast at her party. She is the most thoughtful, smart and loving 4-year old I know. She reminds us daily of God's goodness. J and I truly feel blessed to be her parents. 

We wish her MANY MANY MANY years of God's blessings and wish above all things that she will fulfill God's will concerning her life. 

Happy 4th Birthday to the girl who made me a mother and taught me what it means to fall in love at first cry!


  1. This was such a great birthday celebration J, my boys are still talking about it and still wearing their super hero outfit :). Those cookies looked and tasted amazing. She definitely did a great job.

    Thank you for including us in the celebration. Happy birthday JOE, looking forward to celebrating many more.

    1. Oh thank YOU for coming. As always, you guys make it FUN!!! Glad the boys enjoyed themselves.
      Hope your first week back went well.


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