Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Milestones...Happy Hump Day!

Its been a week of milestones starting last week.

JOE celebrated her first Valentine's day last week. Daddy got her a lovely card and teddy.

JOE got her ears pierced on Monday. She was so brave. She only cried when it was done and she's been good ever since. Granted, her studs are so tiney tiny, you can barely see it.
J & I wanted to get her ears pierced now as opposed to later when she has better hand coordination. Doing it now ensures that she won't have to deal with the pain when she is older. Plus I am tired of folks asking "how old is he?" Granted, blue is my favorite color so I dress her in blue often BUT I mix in purples and pink too :-).

Last night, JOE rolled over for the first time! HURRAY!!! Now I have to be watchful cause I know she'll become mobile in a few weeks/months...Gosh, she is growing up so fast! She'll be 4-months in 2-weeks!

Yesterday, we got our final closing costs! Why is this a milestone? Well, because this is my third home purchase and the first time I have received the costs more than a week ahead of time AND it was lower than we estimated. SCORE!!!

Hope you're all having a great week so far.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. aww, so sweet of Daddy :)

    um, JOE does not look anything like a boy. people are weird.

    lower closing costs are the best. it happened to us twice and we were estatic!

    1. Nice! I have never had a lower closing cost so this was a surprise. An awesome surprise.

  2. awwww that is so cute, such an adorable baby aww :) x

  3. I am with Faith, JOE looks nothing like a boy, hello look at her and that full head of beautiful hair. People are crazy, I don't care what you put her in I would definitely know.

    YAY for getting her ears pierced, I would totally get my daughter (that I don't have yet) ears pierced sooner rather than later too.

    Oh my, you will be in your house before you know it. So exciting that the closing cost are lower. Great milestones all around for sure

  4. Congratulations on your third home :). JOE looks so much like you, definitely not just the eyes and cheeks. Can't believe how quick she's growing. Yey on new milestones :)

  5. Wow you must be so busy with a little baby and moving! Moving along is a huge headache!

    Joe is adorable! And definitely looks like a little girl to me :)

    {love jenny xoxo}

    1. Yup...I hate the whole moving process because it's 3 pass...packing, moving and unpacking. No fun.
      Looking forward to the weekend after next where I can relax and sleep.

  6. OMG JOE is just so yummy...and how sweet is her dad!! Yaah on the house news/..awesome!

  7. So sweet! I can imagine that it's better to get her ears pierced earlier. She'll never remember it!

    So exciting about her first time rolling over! Yay!

    1. Yup...We are happy we won't have to deal with cleaning and caring for it when she is older and more mobile.

  8. i am sorry but, every time i see picture of JOE i just have to comment before i read your post. she is so cute and yummy yummy, i want her as AOI little sister (from another mother :), they are going to be bff :)!

    so sweet of daddy.

    reading this makes me want another baby to relive all the first little milestones again, turning around and discovery their surrounding is so beautiful. we haven't pierced AOI's ears because her daddy doesn't feel it yet. i can't wait to see her reaction to that.

    1. Thank you. You definitely want to get her dad's approval. I didn't realize how much it meant to J to be there until we got to the store.
      I am glad he got to be there.


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