Friday, October 26, 2012

TGIF!!! So ready for the weekend!

It has been such a long week. So much so that I am READY for the weekend!

Work was a little stressful this week. Either that or I am just more tired and less patient due to being in the last stages of pregnancy.

On Monday, the baby's dresser FINALLY arrived. We ordered it from Amazon 2 weeks ago so it was good that it arrived this week cause we were starting to get a little anxious about timing and putting it together before her arrival.
This is the dresser we got. We wanted something she could grow into.

I also had my OB appointment and everything looks good. Doc said baby is right on track and is measuring fine. So far, no additional weight gain and doc thinks I'll max out at +18 lbs. Which is fine by me. I was not skinny to begin with and didn't want to have to worry about losing the weight after.
I know a lot of people say "it'll come off with breastfeeding" but I have also read that some people just don't lose weight while breastfeeding. So for me, I figured better safe than sorry :-).

On Monday night, I decided to try my hands at making Chinese fried rice. I have never made it before. I looked up some recipes online. I also made some baked stewed chicken to go with it.
This is the end product. J had 2 helpings of it that night and another helping for dinner the day after so I know he liked it very much.

Monday night and Tuesday night were spent trying to build the dresser. Unfortunately, we discovered that 2 of the parts arrived broken. So we spent the time building as many of the other parts as we could and now we're waiting AGAIN for the other 2 parts to arrive.
Hoping it arrives before she gets here because our living room needs to be cleared up a bit before my mom arrives next week.

Tonight, we're going to our friend's Halloween event. We don't celebrate Halloween so we don't get dressed up but we do enjoy the company of our friends so we'll be making an appearance for a little bit.
J & I plan on taking it easy this weekend. Even though we know baby can arrive any day now, we are both hoping she stays in until next weekend at the earliest.

Thoughts/random questions:
How was your week? Did you do anything interesting? Are you glad its Friday? Got any fun weekend plans?


  1. Awww shame about the two parts. Hope u get them before baby arrives! That food looks AMAZING...mouth watering as i type.

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, as of today, we are still waiting for the part. I am starting to get anxious about it because we need to make some room around the house.
      Thank you. I love trying out different recipes and hubby is a good sport as far as being my "sampler" :-).


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