Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting ready for baby...the car seat is in, the stroller is done and the bed is made...

It was a pretty busy weekend and I am already looking forward to a little bit of R & R next weekend. That's if baby J doesn't arrive before then.

On Saturday, I met another woman in the kickboxing class I take who is also due the same day as me. We actually have quite a bit in common. Starting with the fact that we are both having girls, due the same day and also are from the New England area originally. She lives in the area so I am hoping to stay in touch with her.

After the gym (yes, I am still kickboxing in my 38th week), I walked to the nearby grocery store to pick up some household groceries and then walked back to my car and headed home.

I typically get my hair texlaxed every 20-weeks. I decided to get it done on Saturday which was a little over 20-weeks since my last texlax. I wanted to make sure my hair is more manageable before baby's arrival. Thanks Pegster for the advise. I like the way it turned out. If only I knew how to maintain my hair like this. I am the worse when it comes to getting my hair to look semi-decent :-(.

Saturday afternoon was spent running errands after. Then J & I attended the Newlywed ministry event organized by our church. Its for couples who have been married 2-years or less. We always feel so blessed after the event.

On Sunday morning, we were up bright and early to attend the 8am service. Because we typically work in the Children's ministry the last 2 Sunday of the month, we go to the earlier service and then do the Children's ministry afterwards.
Sunday afternoon was spent at Babies R Us getting the last few items for baby. Then J & I set up her stroller.
I am loving the Britax B-Agile stroller. I wasn't sure about it at first but it is light weight and can be folded with one hand.

While J put in her car seat, I made her bed. Its kinda plain right now but we're trying not to go too crazy since her nursery won't be ready until we move next year.

J got us dinner and we ate while watching Once Upon A Time. After that, we spent the rest of the evening packing our hospital bag. We're trying to savor each and every moment that we have as just a family of 2 because we know that'll change soon.
The days are FLYING by so quickly! I can't believe in a mere matter of days, I'll be a mommy! Gosh...exciting and scary at the same time!

Thoughts/Random Questions:
How did you spend your weekend?

For the moms, did you feel you were completely ready as far as having all you need for baby before your little one arrived?


  1. way to go lady. i love the stroller

  2. Your hair looks incredible!! Love!!

    Omg! Baby is going to be here so soon!! I'm getting so excited for you!

    1. Thank you. All the curls are now gone and it no longer looks anything like that. My hair's almost always in a ponytail. I look forward to my hair appointment every 20-weeks :-).
      Yeah...she's almost here :-).

  3. Your hair looks amazing! Not long now :)

  4. Your hair looks awesome. I definitely think you will be happier with it this way.
    Oh and you are crazy still kickboxing at 38 weeks. The end is near tho, your baby girl will be here so soon

    1. I agree. It is definitely much easier to comb it now. Prior to getting it done on Saturday, it was in a ponytail for a week! I just am not very good with taking care of my hair and I know I'll have to do a better job now especially with what I've heard about postpartum shedding. I don't want to end up with bald spots.

      Kickboxing is fun :-). Its actually not too too bad. I mean, I don't do any of the high jumps and my kicks aren't as high but for the most part, everything else is doable. :-).

  5. Wow wow are badass for still doing kickboxing...and this time was so exciting for me...enjoy it!!

    1. Thank you. I do it cause I still can. I play it by ear now. If I am able to make it through to the class, I go with 30-minute chunks. If after 30-minutes I am still OK, I stay through the next 15-minutes. The class is 45-minutes.

  6. Look at your beautiful hair, and I love that stroller. When I was awaiting my first child I didn't feel like I had everything. It seemed like there was something I was missing. But when the baby came I seemed to have had everything I needed, and you could always still pick up things after the baby is born. There were a lot of things that I didn't need that I had. For example I have 6 pacifiers and none of my kids ended up using them.

    1. Thank you. I hope I am able to retain/maintain it after baby arrives. I think at least a good 2 to 3-inches of the length came from being pregnant.
      Oh that's good to know about baby stuff. I am holding on to gift receipts and other receipts as well just incase we need to return stuff. We have A TON of stuff and since we're first time parents, we feel like its all necessary but I am sure we'll eventually realize that we don't need a lot of the stuff we've got.
      Thanks for that tip!
      How are you feeling? You're almost in your 3rd trimester now right?

  7. Maybe your baby and the other lady's baby from Kick boxing are destined to be BFF's. Your hair is so long and thick! 20 weeks would be long to go for me for a relaxer...but if I did I'd be saving so much money!

    1. LOL...quite possibly could be.
      Thank you. I think pregnancy hormones got me a good 2 - 3 inches of the length. Also helped it get thicker cause my hair is typically not that thick which is why I am able to go 20-weeks without putting in any chemicals.
      It sure has saved me a ton of money though. I started stretching my texlax in at the end of 2010 and at the time, I was just at chin length so not only has it saved me money but its helped me retain length. My next stop will likely be to transition but I am still on the fences on that because I don't know how to care for my hair on my own :-(.


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