Friday, October 5, 2012

Progress pics & pregnancy updates...@ 35-weeks!

How Far Along? 35-weeks 1-day. Less than 2-weeks to "full term" and less than 5-weeks to "full 40-week pregnancy". 34-days to her estimated due date! 

Size of Baby? About 19-inches long (almost at her full length!). For comparison, baby is now about the size of a large honeydew melon and weighs about 5+ pounds! 

Maternity Clothes? Fully in them now but I am still able to alternate maternity clothes and pre-pregnancy clothes. So far, I can still fit into some pre-pregnancy items.
Stretch Marks? No new stretch marks. Nothing directly on my stomach. Perhaps I'll get through this unscathed!

Sleep? It still varies. Some good days and some not so good days. Recently, I have had a string of good days. Likely cause I am so tired by the time the day is over. Would love to keep the streak going.

Food Cravings? Still nothing. Appetite hasn't changed. Although, I can now tell when baby is hungry because she moves and moves and moves and pokes out in all weird directions when she is hungry until she is fed. I do know one thing she loves. Lemonade! It gets her going every time!

What I Miss: All the same things from 2-weeks ago. My shoes, my regular sized clothes, being able to get up without feeling aches and pains, having my hips not ache so much when I walk, being able to walk without waddling, being able to turn from side to side in bed without feeling like a beached whale...the list goes one.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Putting together the baby's crib on Monday. J will be taking on that task. Go J, Go J!!! Also, we'll be sorting through the MANY gifts we got from the baby shower and picking up last minute items we still need. Will also be putting together my hospital bag. We will also will be purchasing her dresser to put away her clothes.

Symptoms? She is definitely lower! I can feel her more now when I walk. I also know she's bigger cause she feels heavier.

Movement? YES! LOTS AND LOTS of movements. They are slower BUT the kicks are more animated now. My stomach actually moves in all directions. I love looking at it.

Belly Button In or Out? Still in and my OB said that she doesn't think it'll come out since its still in this far into the game. YAY!!!.

Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks!!! They are much more often now. Definitely nature's way of getting my body ready because while they were "cute" before, now they are just outright uncomfortable. Been practicing my breathing exercise though and so far, its helped.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing my sister at our baby shower. It was just THE BEST surprise EVER!!! Also, our maternity photo shoot a couple of weeks ago was AWESOME!.

Weekly Wisdom: Do what makes you and those around you happy. Family is a gift! Cherish it.

Pictures? Yup. Here's one from weeks 34, 35 and 36 for progress comparison. Note: Even though I am 35+ weeks pregnant, I am considered in my 36th week. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Thoughts/Random Questions:
What's the best advise you ever got from a friend or family member? How has it impacted you/your views on life?


  1. 35 WEEKS! So soon!

    And I love how she gets your attention for you to feed her, lol.

    I've heard about the good ole Braxton Hicks. Not fun. But you get to meet that baby girl so soon so I'm sure it is slightly exciting!

    1. Thanks Faith. It is exciting knowing my body is getting ready for her arrival.
      My mom laughed when she read about the feeding too. She thinks it me but I told her oftentimes, I am not hungry and am only forced to recall how long its been since my last meal when she starts moving a lot.

  2. You look great! You're almost done!

  3. Thank you! I have started the count down :-).

  4. Wow 35 weeks, you are getting so close to meeting your little girl. Can't wait to see her nursery.

    As far as the hair goes, first of all I can't believe that you are able to stretch your relaxer to 20 weeks. Wow. I have only managed to stretch to about 13 weeks.

    I do recommend getting your hair relaxed before the baby because it is so much easier to manage and once the baby is here you won't really want to spend so much time on your hair. After my first baby I didn't even go to the hairdresser until he was 3 months old. This time I got my relaxer after 6 weeks.

    Either way, I would recommend keeping your hair moisturized. If the shedding post partum does happen just remember that the hair will grow back thick and healthy (might take some time but oh well).

    Hope this helps and sorry for the super long comment. I always have so much to say :)

    1. Thank you for the info. Will go ahead and do that then. I was afraid that I should wait incase post partum shedding starts right away but I think its better to keep my hair in a manageable state.
      I don't have very full hair and it tends to be quite fine and curly so I can hold off for 20 weeks. My goal is to eventually go to 26 weeks so I only do it twice a year and then perhaps transition to natural but I am lazy with my hair so for now, I texlax :-).

  5. Gosh I remember this like comes sooo fast and the movements were so frequent..tell her she can come whenever she is ready..can't wait to hear your story!

    1. Just had my 36 week appt (I am 35.5 wks), no dilation & not effaced so I guess she'll be hanging in there for a bit. Oh well...:-\


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