Friday, October 19, 2012

Progress pics & pregnancy updates...@ 37+ weeks!


How Far Along? 37-weeks 2-day. I am now considered FULL TERM!!!. I am now less than 3-weeks to "full 40-week pregnancy". 19-days to her estimated due date! 

Size of Baby? She should now be between 19.5 and 21 inches. She has reached her full birth length. Now all she is doing is packing on the pounds! For comparison, baby is now about the size of a watermelon and should weigh over 6-lbs. According to my OB, she is progressing right on track! 

Maternity Clothes? Fully in them now but I am still able to alternate maternity clothes and pre-pregnancy clothes. So far, I can still fit into some pre-pregnancy items.

Stretch Marks? No new stretch marks. Nothing directly on my stomach. Perhaps I'll get through this unscathed! 

Sleep? Recently, I have had a string of good days. Likely cause I am so tired by the time the day is over. Would love to keep the streak going until baby arrives.

Food Cravings? Still nothing. Appetite hasn't changed. As of my appointment on Monday, my total pregnancy weight gain is +18. I somehow managed to lose 4-lbs in the last 2 weeks hence the +18. My OB said its OK because the baby continues to grow.

What I Miss: A lot of things. Too many to list. Right now, I am learning to embrace the change and just go with the flow. I keep reminding myself that no matter what, this little one is our little miracle and we are blessed.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Receiving and finishing up the baby's dresser so that we can put things away. We've been setting things up little by little but since I am now full term, we have to get things rolling ASAP to make sure we are not too unprepared for her arrival. Her 0 - 3 months clothes are washed and ready to go including her blankets and her car seat base is installed. J will be doing her stroller at some point in the next 2-weeks and we'll be picking up the rest of the supplies for her. 

Symptoms/Movements? She is definitely lower but making bigger moves! I can feel AND see her more now. I also know she's bigger cause she feels heavier. Last week Friday, I felt like I had to "carry" my stomach cause it felt much heavier.

Belly Button In or Out? Still in. YAY!!!. 

Labor Signs? So far as of my 10/8/12 appointment, I was not dilated or effaced. Next check for that will be 10/29/12 at my 39th-week appointment. I now have LOTS of Braxton Hicks!!! They are much more frequent now and I have to stop and take deep breathes in order to ease it. 

Best Moment of the Week? Spending a day at home with hubby doing absolutely NOTHING. We took Tuesday off and just relaxed all day. Also, my co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower! It was an awesome event and we got quite a bit of cash to help us get the remaining items.

Weekly Wisdom: Take the time to live, love and laugh with the people God has put in your life instead of criticizing or trying to bring them down.

Pictures? Yup. Here's one from 36-weeks (last week) and 37-weeks (yesterday) for progress comparison. I didn't realize how much she's grown until I just saw the comparison pictures. WOW!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup yup. Can't believe that I am now just a few days from meeting her. It feels like its been a LONG road :-).

      How's your little guy doing?

  2. Oh wow, what a great milestone. Baby girl can come anytime now.

    YAY for getting a relaxing day with hubby before the baby. That was a great move on your part :).

    Not long now and she definitely is popping in that last picture.

    1. Yeah...I didn't realize how much of a change until I saw both pictures.

  3. You look great! And having a day where you do absolutely nothing sounds like perfection!

    1. Thank you. It was absolutely great. Wish I could get a day off every week.

  4. I am so jealous. You're so close to being done.

    PS- just so you know, you are a no-reply commenter. Just wanted to be sure you knew.

    1. Don't're on your way as well. It goes by so quickly.
      I changed my settings to what I think is the correct setting. Does it still show me as a no-reply commenter?


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