Friday, October 12, 2012

Progress pics & pregnancy updates...@ 36-weeks!

How Far Along? 36-weeks 1-day. Less than 1-week to "full term" and less than 4-weeks to "full 40-week pregnancy". 27-days to her estimated due date! 

Size of Baby? About 20-inches long (at her full length!). All she is doing now is putting on body fat. 

Maternity Clothes? Fully in them now but I am still able to alternate maternity clothes and pre-pregnancy clothes. So far, I can still fit into some pre-pregnancy items.

Stretch Marks? Not really sure. I used a mirror this morning and noticed a couple of what I think might be a couple of new stretch marks but I am not sure if they are real or if its just sleep lines from the way I slept last night. I guess time will tell.

Sleep? Insomnia has gotten worse! I typically spend at least an hour each night trying to talk myself into falling asleep. I know my body is tired but sleeping isn't coming. Baby also seems to know when I am up because she gets up too. Almost like she is trying to say "wanna play?"

Food Cravings? Still nothing. 2 days this week, I wanted a bag of chips so I had a small bag each day. But that quickly passed.

What I Miss: Too many to list. I think I am at the "turning point". In other words, its nature's way of making me so uncomfortable that I actually look forward to being done with pregnancy and having the baby here. I figured if it was all honkey dorey, I'd stay pregnant forever. But with the decrease in comfort, I am ready finding myself looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Finishing up our Newborn Care class, doing the baby's laundry, putting together the baby's dresser with J and packing my hospital bag for the baby. Also, reaching FULL TERM!!!

Symptoms? She is definitely lower! I feel like I need a belly band. I spent last night "carrying" my belly with my hand whenever I walked because it just felt heavier and more uncomfortable. Also, my feet were so swollen, they hurt just to walk on yesterday. Its gotten colder here so today, I was sure to wear socks and sneakers. TGIF! I wore jeans to work :-).

Movement? YES! LOTS AND LOTS of movements. I think she might be trying to get out through my belly button because she really enjoys pushing up against it.

Belly Button In or Out? Still in. YAY!!!.

Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks!!! They occur more frequently now. I need to practice my breathing more. Just haven't had the time but I will just have to make time.

Best Moment of the Week? Helping J set up the baby's crib. She'll be sleeping in our room and seeing that crib every time I walk in makes everything more real for us. Also, having a car seat base installed in my car. Wow...soon it'll actually have a car seat in there!

Weekly Wisdom: Take the time to live, love and laugh with the people God has put in your life instead of criticizing or trying to bring them down!

Pictures? Yup. Here's one from last week (week 36) and another from last night (week 37). Looks like my bump has moved down some. 


  1. Totally understand the "turning point" statement. I'm there right along with you. I hope the swelling goes away soon after delivery, I'm so sick of not having any shoe options! LOL! You are looking great! I have total bump envy, compared to you I look like I'm having twins! LOL! Only a little while longer until we meet our sweet babies.

    1. Thank you! I am also going with you about the shoes part. I need to be able to wear cute shoes :-). There's something sexy about looking down and seeing cute shoes. Oh well...soon...soon...
      Don't be jealous of my bump...I think its cause its my first. My body is still trying to process what's going on. I hear #2 babies make themselves known well before mommy is ready to share.
      Besides, you look gorgeous!


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