Thursday, September 20, 2012

Progress pics & pregnancy updates...@ 33-weeks!

How Far Along? 33-weeks. 4-weeks to "full term" and 7-weeks to "full 40-week pregnancy". Less than 50-days to her due date! 

Size of Baby? About 18-inches long (almost at her full length!). For comparison, baby is now about the size of a medium pineapple and weighs about 4.5 pounds! I was up 18-lbs as of last week Monday. Doc said "oh I think you should gain about 5-more lbs before baby." I stepped on the scale this morning and was up 4-lbs since. I doubt I'll be under the 25-lbs mark. Somewhat disappointed with myself.

Maternity Clothes? Fully in them now but I am still able to alternate maternity clothes and pre-pregnancy clothes. So far, I can still fit into some pre-pregnancy items.

Stretch Marks? Just the 5 I noticed a few weeks back! So far, nothing new has cropped up. I checked with the aide of a mirror a couple of days ago. YAY!!! The skin discoloration is still there but it should go away after the baby arrives. Or so I have read .

Sleep? Well, I sleep in 2-3 hour spurts. Her daddy on the other hand can't sleep because for some reason, I have been snoring REALLY loudly! Poor guy. I think its her way of saying "hello daddy...I am about to keep you up at night so here's a preview!"

Food Cravings? Still nothing. Appetite has also decreased. Likely because I don't have enough room in there to hold much so I have to do smaller meals. Although, I can tell when baby just had or is about to have a growth spurt cause I feel very famished!

What I Miss: My shoes!!! Its getting colder and I can't fit into ANY of new shoes. Even my sneakers are too tight cause my feet spread :-(. I do plan on getting a cute pair of shoes for the baby shower. Hopefully, they'll still fit after baby arrives and my feet go back to their regular size. Being able to eat without thinking "hmmm...can I have that? Is it safe during pregnancy?" Case in point...I had salmon on Monday from Ruby Tuesdays. But I couldn't remember the size. So even though I really really really wanted a tuna salad sandwich for lunch today, I had to settle for a chicken salad sandwich just to be on the safe side.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Our maternity photo shoot on Friday, setting up the baby's crib sometime in the next few weeks (likely after our baby shower),  attending our first "child birth class" this weekend and also selecting the colors for our outdoor sidings and shutters on our new home.

Symptoms? Sleepless nights, swollen features (face, hands, feet), tiredness, a little more forgetful, more clumsy (I hate this one), heartburn, aches everywhere (too many to list). I am sure J can list a host of others .

Movement? YES! LOTS AND LOTS of movements. They are slower BUT the kicks are more painful now because they have more strength to them.

Belly Button In or Out? Still in but it has taken on a different shape. I don't think it'll pop but I think it'll stretch a little more. For now, I am fine with that.

Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks!!! They have moved from the "feeling uncomfortable" stage to the more "intense" stage. Not painful but enough that sometimes, I have to stop what I am doing and take a deep breathe.

Best Moment of the Week? Getting to see our little princess on Monday. I have had MANY ultrasounds but NOTHING can compare to actually seeing her and her facial features and the smirk she had on for us. It definitely made if very real. I almost got emotional...almost .

Weekly Wisdom: Listen to your body. Take care of it. Its a gift and also the only one you'll ever have. We don't come with spare parts.

Pictures? Yup. Here's one from last Thursday and also a 3D pic of our little princess. Part of her face was covered by my apparently "large placenta"...


  1. I can't wait to see your baby girl.

    1. Thanks. We're also excitedly awaiting her arrival. How are you doing/feeling these days?

  2. Aren't those 3D U/S just so amazing. It looks like your little girl is smiling, must have been happy to see you too.

    1. She was smiling. We were able to see a lot and it was quite an emotional moment for me. I am really impressed as far as how much they can now see.

      Just 6-more weeks until her due date and 7-weeks (if she decides to wait) until we definitely meet her :-).

  3. Congratulations on the pregnancy :) you just be so exciting and can't wait to meet her :)
    Come visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow reach other :)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Heading over to go view yours.

  4. Oh my you are so close...can't wait!!

    1. Yup. I thought I was much closer but had my OB appt yesterday and doc (different one from 2-weeks ago) said that thinks I'll likely go until closer to the 40-week mark. Oh well...I am trying to console myself with the fact that no matter what, she'll be here in 7-weeks (1-week past my due date).


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