Monday, September 24, 2012

Buona mangiavano...Good Eats

WARNING: You just might start to salivate from viewing these pictures.

As promised, here are some pictures of the VERY DELICIOUS meals we had while in Italy. I was never a pasta person prior to this but I guess pregnancy and pasta make for good bed mates. Thankfully, J & I walked A LOT so we didn't put on a ton of weight. As a matter of fact, I went down 2-lbs when we got back.

My first lasagna in over 10-years! It was so so good!

Ziti with meat but you wouldn't know you were missing anything because it was THAT good.

Stuffed pasta with meat sauce. YUM!

Can't remember what this was called. J ordered it and as you can see, within minutes, it was almost all gone. It had chunks of beef and larger spaghetti noodles.

Took a pic of the bread because this was the first place we actually got a bread basket with our meal. I guess it isn't common to get a bread basket Italian restaurants there as it is here in the States.

Panini and bruschetta. Authentic Italian Panini. We ordered bruschetta with each meal every single night cause it was just so refreshing and yummy.

Our eating utensils came in this "fancy pouch" definitely puts a smile on your face.

Pasta with meat sauce. Oh if I concentrate hard enough, I can actually still remember how good it tasted.

It was THAT good. Granted, J helped me finish it but not by much.

In addition to all the yummy dinners, we also had a serving of gelato everyday to "cleanse our pallets" after our hard day of walking. J's first taste of an authentic Italian gelato. He LOVED it!

Italy was a blast! The time went by really fast but we created some memories we'll always cherish.

Thanks for letting me share my babymoon pics with you. I hope you enjoyed viewing/reading the posts as much as I enjoyed re-living it through this blog.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. Oh my! I'll be in Italy next week and I am just dying to eat Pizza and Lasagna there. Kinda glad that I won't have to face the bread basket at every meal-'cause I am a carb nut. The fact that you actually lost weight gives me a tiny shred of hope that I won't either. What an amazing babymoon!

    1. Thanks for visiting.

      The pizza there was good but I think it is more ”Americanized” than it was in 07 when I first visited.
      Be sure to try as many dishes as you can. Walk everywhere...its worth it...that way, you get to see/experience a lot of it and burn a lot of calories while at it.
      Have a fabulous time there. I hope you blog your visit. Would be fun to read about your experiences there as well.
      I'm off to read your blog :-).

  2. Omg I want every meal you posted! I'm drooling over here!!

    1. LOL...that's how I felt when I was writing this post yesterday. I ended up making pasta for dinner. Coincidence? :-)

  3. Mamma Mia quanto voglio mangiare tutta quella delizia :)

    1. My Italian is not so great but I think you said something like "Mamma Mia, I want to eat everything there." How'd I do with the translation?

      Don't blame ya. It was all quite delish...

  4. Oh my goodness you just made me completely hungry...looks sooo good!

    1. Lol...I know right? I'll never look at lasagna the same again. I wish I could make it look and taste as good as it did in Italy. Will have to start experimenting with recipes when I am not so tired.


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