Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home again home again...

Wow...that went by way too fast!

J & I are back from Italy and we had a great time. We got home early this morning which means I got to spend most of my birthday (9/4) on the road.

Our time there was an absolute blast and even though I have been before, being there with J was very different and even more fun the second time around.

I will blog on the trip as well as our tortured journey back to the states later on this week. I wanted to say hello first.

Now off to read all the blogs I have missed. Hope you all had an awesome labor day weekend for those in the states.

Oh and here are my cankles after the journey home. Yes, they hurt a bit. My left foot is also bigger than the right cause according to my OB, anytime there is a prior injury on a foot, any swelling is always worse on that side. I sprained my ankle 15-yrs ago while in college.


  1. Oh no, I hope that you get better!
    My husband and I went to Italy this summer, and it was my 2nd time and his 1st. You're right, it's much different when you have your other half with you! Looking forward to your post(s) about the trip!

  2. Welcome back, that is some serious swelling. I hope it gets better soon.

    Looking forward to the recap of your trip and all the awesome pics.

    1. Thank you! Its already getting better. I was just surprised because I had my compression socks on from the minute we left Florence until we arrived at our destination.

      Our luggage finally arrived last night as did my camera so I'll be posting pics tomorrow :-).

  3. welcome back and i can't wait to read all about you trip in italy. i miss italia so much - i don't want to talk about it!

    1. Thank you!

      It is a beautiful country so I can certainly understand why you miss it. Do you get a chance to go back and visit?

  4. Is your left leg more swollen than your right? Mine are like that, it's the weirdest thing!

    1. Yes it is! My doctor said its cause I had an injury on that foot before. Not sure if I believe her though. How's yours? I feel like my feet now look animated.


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