Monday, September 10, 2012

Italy - Part 2 of 3...Rome!

Why do the weekends go by so fast? Even though I telework on Mondays, I feel like I need an extra day to recover from the weekend. The sad part is that I didn't really do much at all.

But enough of that...Here are some more pictures from our time in Rome. And yes, more pictures of J & Albie.

On our way to the Vatican.

Yes...I have a thing for the signs. I just love how easy it was to find places without it feeling like I was on a scavenger hunt!

Inside the Vatican museum.

I thought this was quite interesting. I think its a god of fertility or something. That's A LOT of eggs!

This picture doesn't do it justice. The art was just magnificent!

How many of you saw Mission Impossible? This is a view of one of the scenes where Tom Cruise went into the Vatican. I believe a scene from the DaVinci Code with Tom Hanks was also filmed here as well.

Can't remember what this building is called.

In front of the museum. It was a little cloudy but that lasted for like half an hour and then the sun came out again.

OK...I know this isn't entirely true BUT I told J that this is the bust of a black roman. He thought it was funny :-).

I had to take a picture next to my kin-folk :-).

When in Rome?...Since the Vatican is considered its only country, we just HAD to mail something from there so that we can say we visited 2 Countries :-).

While waiting to get into St. Peter's Basilica, this family just cut in front of us. And to make matters worse, they kept looking back at us to see if we would say something. How rude!

St. Peter's Basilica!

This post wouldn't be complete without ANOTHER picture of Albie and J! This pic was taken from the front of the Basilica.

Inside the Basilica. J said Albie was feeling ignored by me so I was forced to take a picture with him. I don't think Albie likes me :-).

"Upon this rock I will build my church". If you remember that line from the Bible and also from the movie The DaVinci Code, you'll know the reference here. The bones of St. Peter are supposedly here.

Yes...even Albie wanted to find out why everyone was looking down.

J touching the feet of St. Peter. The Basilica was just so amazing, I couldn't capture it all.

Outside St. Peter's Basilica. Next to the Rotunda. There was a little bi-racial girl there who kept calling me "mommy." Freaked me out a bit. I just smiled at her and her mom apologized saying she calls every black woman mommy since her mom is black.

Had to take a picture of yet another couple who had just gotten married. I will post more pics from our visit to the Colosseum. There was A TON of couples there. This couple were on the Spanish steps. We went back there on day 2.

Santa Maria Maggeiori. We went there late so we couldn't get inside. I needed my daily nap afterall :-).

Until next time. Arrivederci!


  1. Wow! What an experience! I hope I can do this one day!!

    And the family who cut in front of you and the little girl calling you mommy, lol, no words!

    1. Its so worth it! Check out
      They always have good travel deals to Europe at which we consider reasonable prices. Plus its often package deals which is what I like. wasn't the only time we encountered rude folks. The whole personal space thing is either ignored or forgotten there.

      The little girl was such a cutie. Not sure I was ready at that point to be called mommy though :-). I know its only a few weeks from now but still...

  2. Awww, love the pics at the Vatican. We mailed a postcard to ourselves from the Vatican post office (we are such dorks).

    Did you know that you can request to have the pope bless your union when you are at the Vatican. We are thinking of doing that next time we go back.

    Can't wait to see the rest of the pics. This definitely looks like a great babymoon. So happy you enjoyed yourself.

    1. LOL...Glad we weren't the only ones who did it. I guess we're also in the dork category. Its all good. I mean, "when in Rome, do as the Romans" right?

      I didn't know we could request a blessing of our union. I guess I'll have to convince J to go back there just for that. Perhaps our 10-year anniversary?

      I will post more pics this evening. I loaded them on my home computer and was just too tired to post last night. It was an awesome babymoon. Hopefully, we can do it again before for the next kid arrives.

  3. Stumbled upon your blog today and what perfect timing! My husband and I live in Germany for eight months of the year and we always plan a family trip in November. While we lived in Italy for a year, we didn't have a chance to see Rome, so that's where we are thinking of going this November. I keep going back and forth, because I know it's a lot of walking (and I'll be 8 months pregnant) but your photos have me so excited!

    1. Welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog!

      Germany sounds like a fun place. I have never been but my brother who was there in August said it is definitely worth a visit. So we are definitely going to be adding it to our list of places to visit soon.

      Rome is definitely worth a visit. There's so much to see there. I also recommend Florence if you love to shop :-). Eitherways, you can't go wrong with Rome. You'll have a fabulous time.
      The walking while pregnant can be a challenge but is doable. Just get your husband to carry a backpack with a huge bottle of water AND some snacks. And be sure to wear comfortable shoes. No flip flops of cute flats. After a day of walking, my very swollen feet definitely benefited from the sneakers I wore.

      Looking forward to following your blog as well.

  4. How beautiful! I'm sorta kinda jealous that you baby is already so well traveled. LOL! :-) And, can I give you a cyber hug? Your comment made me feel awesome! I love all of the pictures, you did such a great job documenting your trip!

    1. Awww...hugs back at ya!

      Thank you! I will post more pictures later on today. Meant to do so yesterday but got so tired.


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