Friday, September 7, 2012

Italy - Part 1 of 3...Rome!

To make it easier for readers, I am going to break down the trip into 3 parts. We visited 2 cities in Italy. Rome and Florence so I'll blog on both of them. The last blog will be on the food we was all sooooo yummy!

Just a little background. I have been to Italy before with my sister in 2007 and had visited the sites but it was much more fun visiting with J. We left on Tuesday afternoon and arrived Rome on Wednesday morning.

I speak a tiney tiny bit of Italian thanks to the conversational Italian CDs I got a few years back. I decided to brush up a bit on my Italian before we left and it sure did come in handy when it came for asking for directions.
We took the bus from the airport to Termini station which is one of the central stations in Rome. From there, we walked to our hotel. The directions on the hotel's website were not very helpful but thankfully, we found the hotel within 20-minutes. The weather was also somewhat hot but I think because I have a "bun in the oven" so to speak, anywhere without an A/C is considered HOT!

Oh did I mention we got a traveling gnome named Albie? Short for Albert. Well, be on the lookout for Albie. J carried him EVERYWHERE in his backpack!

Without further ado, here are some pictures from our trip. I'll try to give a brief description of what you're looking at.

Day 1 - Spanish steps, Fontana Trevi, the Temple Opposite, Piazza Navona & Palazzo delle esposizioni!

There's John and Albie in front of Palazzo delle esposizioni. This was on day 1 and I should have known Albie would be our constant companion.

I love the way directions are displayed. Makes it so easy to find places.

 The Spanish steps!
 J's first taste of gelato! He loved it! Unfortunately, still don't have my sweet tooth back (thanks baby girl!) so  we pretty much had to share the entire time cause I couldn't stomach too much gelato.

 Legend has it that if you put a penny in there and make a wish, you'll come back with the one you love. I did that in 2007 and the legend proved true! J thought it'd be funny to throw in a few coins. I told him I better be the one he comes back with!

 Yes. With a bun in the oven, I was HOT all the time!!!

 And there's J and Albie AGAIN!

 J & Albie again in front of the temple opposite.

 Front of the Temple Opposite. LOTS of tourists.

It was Wednesday and there's a lady who had just gotten married. I guess the whole "weekend wedding" thing doesn't apply there.

 OK...I saw these guys and the first thought in my head was "Gladiator!" from the Elizabeth Taylor Oscar presentation a few years back when Gladiator won the Oscar.

 I took pictures of signs when we got to places so I'd remember where we were.

Albie again. J thought it'd be funny for Albie to touch a woman's butt! Mind you, Albie is a chimp! That's art inside of the Museum of Rome close to Piazza Navona.

 Piazza Navona.

Me inside the museum. I know I wasn't supposed to sit there but I was just so gosh darn tired and needed a place to sit :-).

After all was said and done, we found a place to eat at Piazza Navona. There's my handsome hubby! He did a great job carrying both our luggage all day long AND making sure I stayed hydrated. Love you babes!

Until next week...Arrivederci!


  1. So beautiful!!! Your babymoon looks so romantic and fun!!! Your a lucky mama.

    1. It is a beautiful Country. We had a lot of fun and spent each night laughing about our experiences during the day.
      I thoroughly enjoyed the time away. If you and hubby haven't been, I recommend you go. Oh and the awesome thing is that there were A TON of couples traveling with newborns, toddlers and older kids. I think its the European thing. Just to let you know that folks there LOVE to also take their kids on vacation. :-)

  2. Rome looks so cool. I enjoyed the pictures.

    1. It is pretty cool. I recommend a visit when you can. The boys will LOVE it too! There is a lot to do and see there.

  3. Your hubby and Albie too fun!

    Loving the pictures. Looks so beautiful! What a perfect Babymoon!

    1. one point, I started wondering if J was losing his mind cause he would check everyday to make sure Albie was in the backpack before we left the room. It was kinda funny though.

      It was an awesome babymoon. Wish we could do it all-over again :-).

  4. Awwww, I love the picture overload, I felt like I was there with you guys. This looks like such a fun vacation, made me want to go back to Italy. Albie seems to have been a great travel companion.

    I am glad you didn't attempt to take a pic with the gladiators, they would have charged you 5 Euros for not worth it.

    I laughed at your caption in front of the Trevi Fountain...he better go back with you next time :)

    1. Albie was definitely a good travel companion. It was funny to take pics with him and folks smirked when they saw us taking a picture with a strange looking chimp. Not sure if the whole travel gnome thing has caught on in Europe yet.

      Yeah...I made the mistake of taking a pic with the gladiators last time I was there in 2007 and they charged me for it. I REFUSED to do so this time. I told hubby if we're ever out of cash, all we need to do is rent a costume and stand in front of one of the historic buildings to make some money :-).

  5. Oh Roma bella. Such a perfect time to go eh, :). Now i am going to watch Vacanze Romane in reminiscence of a bygone era

    1. Awww...sounds like you miss home. Hopefully, you'll be able to go visit again soon! Glad the pictures were able to bring back some good memories for you :-).


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