Monday, July 31, 2017

Rainbows, Unicorns and Magic!

A few weeks ago, we attended the birthday party of a sweet little girl. Baby E's family and my family met via our blogs and I am so grateful for the friendship because we get to watch each other's kids grow and really enjoy the experience of motherhood together. 

Baby E is just such a delightful young girl. Her smile really brightens up the room and we were really honored to attend her first birthday celebration. 
Note: For privacy reasons, I did not post direct pictures of the kids at the birthday party. 

Her mom and dad went all out with her party. The theme of the party was Rainbows and Unicorns. It was so much fun that JOE and JAE were still talking about the party a few days after. 

Here are some of the pictures from the beautiful celebration.

Beautiful focal table. This table was filled with so much yummy goodness.

Unicorn cookies!

JOE has requested a Trolls themed birthday party for her 5th. It was nice to see these colorful cookies because they certainly gave me ideas for her party later on this year.

How cute is this cake? VERY!!!


And the throne for the little princess. 

They had a magician at the party and he was so entertaining. Both JOE and JAE especially enjoyed the show.

JAE was wicked excited!

Hey there Minnie. JAE is totally going through her Minnie Mouse phase. She is into EVERYTHING Minnie.

JOE volunteered to be an "assistant" during the show. 

She took the job VERY seriously!

That face and that smile! She aws so happy to be a part of the show.

And she got a hat to go. 

Helping with the magic.



Of course, JAE quickly took the hat when JOE came back.

E's older brothers were also assistants and they did a fantastic job.

Cool as a cucumber! Check them out!

It was a truly magical party and all the kids there had a great time! Thank you Peg for including us in your family's festivities. We look forward to celebrating many future events with you!

Have a fabulously blessed new week and remember to be kind to strangers


  1. Such a magical birthday party! The cake is all sorts of gorgeous.

    Love how happy she was to be an assistant!! :)

  2. Such a beautiful party for such a lucky little girl!


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