Friday, July 21, 2017

Photo Dump Friday: The little things

We had a great week this week and are looking forward to our weekend. The best part of the week? Seeing a -25lb weight loss on the scale. It totally made my day and I feel like I have been walking on air every since! 

Our basement renovation is just about done. Today, we will install the last accordion door to encase the storage area and then we will officially be done. 

The decor is just about done as well. Since it is a basement, we aren't really doing too too much. Hubby set up his cars a few weeks ago in the shelves we had put in under the stairs. 

We are also going to have a flower wall. I am making the paper flowers for the wall. It is taking quite a bit of time since I am only doing it during my spare time. But so far, all the flowers are turning out really nice. This is an easy DIY. There are A TON of videos out there if you are interested in making them.

Like I said, my new found weight loss has me trying out new things. Including this African print top I made for myself. It was a free style top that I put together the day before for an event we attended as a family for J's boss. I LOVE the way it turned out. 
Also, I was having a "bad" hair day. As in, I couldn't figure out what to do with my hair so I decided to do a high bun. Not too too bad.

That's me. Wearing an off the shoulder top that I made. I love the entire look. This item is not listed on AyoBE Boutique but if you would like one made for you, feel free to reach out.

I took a nap last week Saturday after we got home from the event. J came to wake me up so we could get ready for dinner. I looked up and saw J's handsome smile and this Tee shirt from AyoBE Boutique. It is quickly becoming his favorite! I have seen him wear it so many times. I love that he supports my business :-).

My little JAE is getting more and more creative! I love how much she is growing and thriving. Her imagination has really taken off. 
Here, JAE put her fairy wings on Supergirl because Supergirl lost her cape. How creative is this?

We match! Tees can be found here and here. You can have one made for the entire family.

Family car selfies on Sunday on our way to Church. JAE really was not feeling it. SMH...

I refused to give her her milk to drink in the car. Hence the look.

She was promised milk and check out her smile. My child...

So what is up with my curls? I have the "hanging tail" thing going. I did a spray and go (basically, the same as a wash and go except that I sprayed with water then used gel instead of washing my hair first). Anyways, I'm am not sure of what to do with it. The back of my hair grows wicked fast. Almost at twice the speed as the rest of my hair. Which ordinarily wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that the same back area has a looser curl pattern. Translation? I often look like I have a mohawk! I often have to try to brush to blend it all in. I'm not complaining though. I love my curls.

Sunday is cooking day. I picked up a bag of cauliflower rice on a whim while shopping. I decided to make some Nigerian fried rice for J since he mentioned that he also hadn't had rice since I started my healthy eating plan in April. Anyways, I made the same sauce for the rice but instead of rice for me, I added a couple of fried eggs and used the cauliflower rice for my dishes. 
LORD!!! This dish was DELISH! I felt guilty eating it! It was THAT good and honestly, if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't know it wasn't real rice. This is going to be a new staple in my eating plan. YUM! I'll blog this recipe later.

Sunday evenings = hair braiding for the girls. This week, JOE decided she only wanted a single braid. I haven't done that in a year so I figured why not. Her hair really is something. It is thriving. Long and THICK! I admire it and she is doing so much better with getting her hair done.

JAE's hair is also thriving. I feel truly accomplished when their hair is done.

Trying to get a picture of this little one. She is such a hoot. Love her so much! My baby...

This message spoke to me. Almost a year ago, I experienced a set back in my career that really had me questioning my career goals, myself as an individual and just my calling. One year later, I have no doubt that God is indeed in the details. 
When I experienced the setback, I questioned why God let this happen. To say it was a truly humbling experience would be an understatement. BUT God was only using that circumstance to prepare me for something greater. The lesson from this to you is to always in everything TRUST GOD!

I hope you had a lovely week. Have a fabulous weekend and always take any given opportunity to be kind to strangers!

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  1. Nice update. Wow at how your hair grows! And the texture too...Do you have non Nigerian in your ancestry? Meanwhile you are the 1000th person gushing about their cauliflower rice experience...I really must try it one of these days. So pls post your recipe...😍😍


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