Friday, July 7, 2017

Photo Dump Friday: So far so good

So far, the summer has been treating us well. Other than the fact that we have been wicked busy EVERY SINGLE weekend, it is going well. 

Our in home projects are coming along and we expect to be done with most of the inhouse stuff in the next couple of weeks. 
We plan to tackle the outdoors next year but in the meantime, the girls are really enjoying the swing set that J and his dad and brother put together for them a couple of weeks ago. 

If you recall, about a month ago, we cleared out our backyard in preparation for the swing. Well, it definitely paid off and the backyard is now ready to go through a transformation next year. 

A couple of saturdays ago, after our regular family walk and a visit to the pool, the girls were KNOCKED OUT by the time we got home.
I was going to let them sleep for a bit (while I waited in the car with them) but it was quite hot out so we brought them in the out. That inevitably woke them up. 

The backyard. Cleared up and ready for the swing set.

We were so tired the next day but we were determined to go to Church. So off, we went. Oh and the package of pampers? Well, I got the wrong size so that had to be returned. All I can say is my brain was #TIRED!

Later that Sunday evening. They were freshly bathed and hair was freshly done. I love how nice and comfortable everyone looks here.

JOE was taking care of her sister. JAE feel while running around the pool the previous Saturday because she didn't want to go home. She got a pretty bad scrap on her knee. So of course, she had to show and tell everyone how much it hurt. JOE definitely indulged her and took very good care of her. 
Check out my future doctor!

She even got some "soup" to make her feel better. LOL!

The following weekend, J, his dad and brother spent 2 full days building the playset. This was definitely a labor of love on their part and I am so grateful that they wanted to do this to make the girls happy.

While the guys were building outside, I tackled other items in the house. Including sewing the curtains for the basement as well as painting the basement ceiling! I think my carpel tunnel is back! OUCHIE!!!
While sewing, my baby decided to come show me a picture she drew. How cute! And supporting AyoBE Boutique too. My baby...

Sewing curtains.

Curtains are in.

Basement ceiling is painted and furniture has been re-arranged.

Oh and I found my red couch! But that story is for another day...

In the meantime, the swing set was completed on the second day. The girls ABSOLUTELY love it and I forsee many summer spent outside enjoying this set. #buildingmemories

The following Monday, I tackled a DIY project. This was an easy one. These tables will be going into our basement bedroom. 

For a step by step of how I went from the plain Ikea tables to the ones below, go here.

There are also a few other DIY blog posts there so be sure to check them out. 

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. Awesome job on the chairs! It's so nice to give furniture your own personal touch!

    1. Thank you! It really is. I wish I had more time to do more of that :-).

  2. The basement is looking great! Can't wait to see before and afters.

    How I would have loved that swing set growing up :)

    Great job on the tables. Love your touch to them!

  3. P.S. JAE being tended to by JOE made me smile :) Such a sweet relationship they are building.


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