Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: St. Patrick's Day and beyond

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about making a St. Patrick's day skirt for my girls. Well, St. Patrick's day was last week and they got to wear and show off their skirts. 
It was a little cold that day so the girls ended up wearing tights underneath their skirts. J often gets the girls ready in the mornings while I get them in the evenings when I get back from work. Anyways, last week, I was really excited to see them in their skirts. So J called me at work while I was pumping so I could see the girls. Well, to my utter surprise, JOE did not want to wear her skirt. She wanted to take it off right away! Mind you, this is the girl who insisted I make her a skirt after a long day at work. Granted, it doesn't take long but still. Anyways, I had to bribe her and promise her a cookie if she wore the skirt for the day. It worked!

JAE on the other hand LOVES wearing skirts. I think it is because it is more "airy" :-D. She often likes to dance when you put her in a skirt. Granted, she likes to dance period. But still...

JAE and her many faces. Too cute! I should also add that this was her first day wearing shoes. Her pediatrician recommended we wait until a year before letting her wear shoes. Even though JAE's been walking since she was 8.5 months, we wait for as long as possible to put her in shoes. She's primarily been wearing grip socks that don't slip. 
I was worried wearing shoes would take a little getting used to but she did great and has been wearing them daily. 
Oh and she LOVES shoes!!! She has been trying to wear her sister's and my shoes for a while now. I guess we have another shoe lover in our home. Save up J!

I just love this picture of my little JAE. She looks like she is pondering something.

And here is my baby JOE wearing her lion face at the library! I just love that beautiful face!

My girls showing their Irish pride. Their great grandmother was Irish so they definitely celebrated in style.

My little adventurous child.

I love that they enjoy playing together now. Although, we've had quite a few incidents where JAE takes a toy from JOE and runs...yes runs with it! And then JOE comes to us crying that JAE took her toy. It is hilarious to us but obviously not to her.


As you know, I started making handmade kids wear. Well, I made this skirt and asking my little model to wear it and model it for me. JAE however, had other ideas. Once she had the skirt on, she took off! Showing her "model behavior" already. LOL!

A close friend of mine is getting married this week. JOE is going to be a flower girl in her wedding. Check her out practicing. We decided to do a quick dress rehearsal to make sure everything fits and I also wanted her to practice. Well, JOE was very happy to show off.

And these next couple of pictures were just too cute not to post. The girls at home with their child care provider. You can't tell that JOE is dealing with a cold and JAE is going through a growth spurt in these pictures but they are. I love that they can still smile and make faces in spite of it. We should all be like that.

 I hope you are having a great week so far!

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  1. Awwwwww bless them! Just too cute in the skirts! Was there a reason the pediatric said she shouldn't wear shoes till she's one? x

    1. Thank you! The pediatrician felt that they need to master walking before putting them in shoes because walking also includes using their sensory nerves underneath their feet. He said the same thing for my older one as well.

  2. OK, I couldn't help but laugh how she insisted you make that skirt when you got home from a long day and then didn't want to wear it on St. Patrick's Day. SO funny but I'm sure it was not for you.

    They look adorable in their skirts and it is so true! JAE really looks like she is pondering a lot. She has a very expressive face!

    Such a gorgeous flower girl! She is going to do great! :)

  3. Those skirts are so cute, I can't believe that you made them. They definitely showed their Irish pride in style :).


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