Monday, March 14, 2016

DIY Monday: All about the number ONE

It was a pretty full weekend and as always, we packed a ton into it. But overall, it was better than the weekend before when I had the flu and could barely do much. I am still recovering from that ordeal so it was all about taking it somewhat easy.

Today's DIY is part of JAE's birthday. These items combined took me less than 45-minutes BUT I love the way they all turned out. I hope you do it and hopefully, it gives you ideas for your future celebrations. 

Like JAE, we planned on doing a smash cake photo session for JAE turning 1. I made an appointment at JC Penney and while I do like the pictures they take, I didn't want something that looked like every other picture they have there on their walls so I made my own props to add a little bit of something in there. 

The number 1 was really easy. All you'll need is tulle and a large wooden number 1. The wooden number cost $12.99 and the tulle was $4.99 from Hobby Lobby. I used a 40% off couple for the wooden letter so that brought it down to $7.80 for a total of $12.79. 
I simply wrapped the letter from top to bottom first and then sideways. I tucked in edges to make it smooth and when I was satisfied it was fully "wrapped", I cut the tulle with a pair of scissors and tucked in the end. This took MAYBE a total of 10-minutes. It was closer to 5-minutes.

Here is a sneak peak of JAE using the finished product.

Next, I wanted a banner that reads "ONE". I purchased glitter colored paper from Hobby Lobby. I got 6-sheets. 3 of each color. I kept with the Sugar and Spice theme by doing gold and pink. Each sheet was $0.69. Total of $4.20.

Next, I cut each sheet into 2 equal parts (this is when I realized I got too many sheets. I only needed 2 sheets of each color).
Then I placed all the sheets together and drew on a "V" with a ruler and pen. It wasn't precise. I just wanted something that looked like the letter V. Then I cut along the lines. 

Since the pink was going to go on top the gold paper, I cut them sightly narrower by just taking some off the sides after cutting the V out.

I also picked up a ball of twine while at Hobby Lobby for $2.99

The glue dots were "free". How so? Believe it or not, I am using this roll from when we planned our wedding in 2010! I used these for our wedding menus. Yup...its definitely been used and I think I'll be very sad when it is finished :-). For now, it is the gift that goes on giving. 

Next, I used the glue dots to apply the pink cut outs on the gold cutouts. Then used a hole punch to create holes at the top.

Then I ran the twine through the holes and cut it at the length I wanted.

Using Microsoft Word, I wrote out the number and selected the color and font style to use. 

Then I printed it out and cut it out using a pair of scissors. 

Then I used the glue dots to apply the letters on to the pink cut out sheets. And voila! 

Here is a sneak peak of how the sign looked at JAE's photo session.

Both items took no time at all and really, I loved the way they both turned out. I already had a spot on our wall picked out for JAE's pictures. 

Stay tuned for more from her photo session on Wednesday. Have a fabulously blessed week!

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  1. So cute. I can't wait to see the girls in their Easter outfits.

    1. Thank you! I made their Easter skirts. We just picked up their tops and shoes last weekend. I'm looking forward to the debut as well :-).

  2. This is so cute, great idea and perfect execution. JAE is such a perfect model and that smile (heart, heart, heart)

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your "girl posts" in the future. You're going to make an awesome girl mommy! You already made a great boy mommy!

      By the way, how are you doing to handle the matching clothes? :-D

  3. Good deals. Good handiwork. Good pictures.


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