Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Helping hands

Last Thursday, I had a pretty busy day at work. I got home and had the following conversation with JOE...
JOE: mommy, you promised to make me a skirt. Can you make my skirt today?
Me: but I just got back from work!
JOE: mommy, you promised!
Me: ok...measures her and sews a skirt.
Me: Jordan, you can wear your skirt tomorrow or on St. Patrick's day
JOE: yup momma, I want to wear it on St. Patrick's day

Me: 😡😡😡😡😡😲😲😲😲😲😠😠😠😠

I could have gone a week before making her skirt but oh no. My impatient 3 year old wanted it ASAP.

On Friday night, we had our first family movie night. Often, J and I are very busy during the week. I suggested we have a Friday night movie night as a way to decompress and get into the weekend mode. J agreed! Our first movie was Penguins of Madagascar.

JAE didn't care much for the movie and kept getting on the trampoline or on the steps. That's her favorite pastime.

JOE on the other hand cuddled up to her dad and watched the first half hour of the movie before losing interest. I counted it a success considering it was our first movie night. The next morning, we finished the movie. And by we, I mean J and I ☺.

Movie night selfies.

On Friday morning, I started to feel somewhat ill. By Saturday morning, my joints were aching and I had a fever. I was coughing, dizzy and had a hacking cough. Apparently, my decision not to get the flu shot last year was coming back to haunt me.
In my defense, I got the flu shot the year before while pregnant with JAE and still managed to get the flu so I don't trust the shot in light of my fear of needles.

After my morning pump, J pretty much assumed the duties of Mr. Mom for the rest of the weekend.

I was so sick that I spent most of the weekend in bed or on the couch. You can imagine how thankful I was when I got up from a nap and checked with J to see how things were going downstairs. Below is what I got back from him.

So on Tuesday, while folks were out enjoying the 70 degree weather we were experiencing, I was dressed in a sweater, long pants and socks. I was feverishly cold. Not fun!

I am hardly ever sick and this is the 3rd time I've gotten the flu. The first time I was in college, the second was while I was pregnant with JAE and then now. I hope I never get it again because it is by far the worse feeling. And this is coming from someone who went drug free for 2 full term births. 
But in it all, J has been awesome! He's cared for the girls almost exclusively and cooked and cleaned. JOE has also been very helpful and has done more to help. JAE's smile has kept me smiling through it all.
I've had great helping hands from my 3 J's.

On a lighter note, JOE and JAE's childcare provider took them to the dollar store yesterday. They picked out things to use for Easter crafts. But of course, they both got cute masks and bunny ears.

While cleaning up my Dropbox, I came across these backed-up pictures of JOE. Clearly, when she has the iPad, she is not always watching Disney junior or Amazon video. I didn't even know these existed because I don't often look at the pictures on the iPad since she doesn't let me use it. Finding these made me smile.

Enjoy the rest of your week! 

Shameless Plug

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  1. The skirt is so cute! Haha, she kept you to your promise but I seriously laughed when she said she'll wear it on St. Patrick's Day!

    J is so awesome! Thank God for great husbands and fathers!

    I am glad that you're on the mend! Not feeling like yourself is a miserable feeling. I hope you're well enough to enjoy the upcoming weekend!

    1. Thank you! Next time, I'll just promise for a future date cause she loves to remind me of stuff I forgot to do.
      I'm feeling much better. I hope you're on the mend as well.

    2. Thank you! Next time, I'll just promise for a future date cause she loves to remind me of stuff I forgot to do.
      I'm feeling much better. I hope you're on the mend as well.


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