Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Family time

Glad it is officially the middle of the week! This week is a shorter work week for me because I took the day off yesterday. More on that later. 

JOE and JAE for the most part get along. I know that JAE absolutely loves being around her sister and wants to be a part of anything she does. It really is sweet to watch them both interact. 

JOE graduated to a different activity group at our local library so the kids in her group are generally in the 3-5 years old age range. JAE has been going with her and she loves to participate. I love this picture of them.

I just love taking mommy/daughter selfies with these girls of mine.

Last week, during my commute to work, I saw the brightest and most beautiful rainbow. It really brightened up my day and was a good reminder from God that he renews everything in his time.

A few weeks ago while doing our household shopping, I came across a trampoline at Wal-mart. It was listed for $29. I knew I HAD to get it. Not only is it an excuse for us to bounce and have fun at home, it is a good way to exercise without really being intentional about it AND is a way to work off extra energy for JOE. JOE loves it and uses it often. The part I didn't think of was JAE! She knows how to climb on to it and will often do so and try to bounce. It is very cute to watch.

My sister was in the area for training last week. After her training, she decided to spend some time with us. I am so glad she was able to do so because both girls absolutely enjoyed their time with her.

On Saturday, while waiting to have our late lunch, my sister encouraged us to go visit a local sweets shop. There was so much yummy goodness there that even though I hadn't planned on getting anything, I got some pieces of their yummy salted caramel chocolate as well as their truffles. I have since enjoyed it with some wine. YUM!!!

Afterwards, we visited the Cheesecake Factory where my sister and JOE enjoyed interacting with each other. 
My sister often calls JOE "JJ". Somehow, JOE got it in her head to start calling my sister "Aunty JJ". So even though my sister's name starts with a P, she is now known as "Aunty JJ" in our home :-D.

We tried to take a selfie and this is the best we could get with the back lighting.

JAE enjoying her time with Aunty JJ.

After dinner, we went to the playground at the mall. That definitely wore the kids out because they were both sleeping when we got home and they stayed asleep. 
While they slept, the adults watched Scandal on OnDemand and made faces :-D.

Hey, we were making good use of our "quiet" evening :-D.

JOE and her Aunty JJ. 

On Sunday, we all got ready and headed to Church. This dress was a gift from their Aunty T in ATL. I love it! JAE looks so grown in the dress. I can't believe that in 6-weeks, this little nugget will be ONE!

Yes, my top bun wearing baby decided to get on the trampoline in her dress. Check out JOE behind her.

My girls in their Sunday best :-).

Be still my heart! My first born. My baby...her smile brightens up ANY room!

Car ride to church with our backseat driver.

I was trying to take a picture and my sister decided to make faces. Check out JAE's reflection in the mirror.

Loving the shade of lipstick so I had to take a picture.

So like I said earlier, I decided to take the day off yesterday. It was definitely a much needed mental health day. I had planned on sleeping in but decided to make use of my kids free time and do some work towards JAE's birthday party.

The display number is done. Woohoo! We will also be using it for her photoshoot.

And I began work on her outfit for the photoshoot. 

She definitely likes it. I'm glad I had her wear it because it told me I need to add something else underneath. And also need to shorten the tulle a bit more.

Sorry for the blurry picture but she kept coming at me laughing so this was the best I could get. 

Yesterday evening after pumping, my #1 said "mommy, I want to take a selfie with you." To which I said "but I have a scarf on." And she responded "yes but you still look beautiful." And J said "well, you don't have to post it if you don't want to." But I mean, with a compliment like that from a 3-year old, who wouldn't want to take a picture? Remember kids are notorious for being brutally honest so I believe her :-D.

JAE decided she wanted to be a part of it as well. 

Overall, it has been a much better week. I am staying stress free and trying to find the positive in each day/task. Hope you're having a good week as well!

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  1. How did you make the #1? It looks awesome!

    1. Thank you! I just posted the tutorial today.

    2. Thank you! I just posted the tutorial today.

  2. I can't get over how big JAE is getting everyday. I saw the invite for her 1st birthday and I was like "save the date" :).

    So awesome that your sister was in town and was able to hang out with the girls. Your hair and makeup were on point on that car selfie, seriously, I would have taken a pic too ;).

    Adult making faces because of free time :). The things we do after having a few kids and of course find entertaining :) :) :)

    1. Awww...thank you! Looking forward to seeing you all at the party.

    2. Awww...thank you! Looking forward to seeing you all at the party.

  3. These are interestingly memorable moments. Well done JBE


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