Monday, March 7, 2016

DIY Monday: JAE's $7 tutu

Like we did with JOE, we will be doing a 1st birthday photo shoot session for JAE. I wanted to use the same tulle I used for JOE but dye it gold since that's the color scheme I am going for but I decided against it because I have never done a dye job before and honestly didn't feel like trying to figure out what combination would get me the right shade of gold that I am looking for. So instead, I decided to purchase it and go from there. It was also quite cheap so this saved me a bunch of time. 

I got the tulle from Hobby Lobby for $1.99 per yard. I only needed 1 yard. Compared to the amount of work I would have to do to figure out the dye process, I figured this was definitely a better option for me. 

I also found this lovely pink tube top for $4.99 and decided this would be her outfit for the shoot. 

This was a pretty easy DIY and took me a total of 20-minutes to complete. 

First, I folded the tulle in half length-wise and then folded it again so it was a quarter of its original size. 

Next, I very loosely stitched the tulle across the length using a thread color that matched the top I'd be attaching to it. 

Then I pulled it together to create the "gathers" for the skirt.

Then I turned the top inside out and placed the gathered tulle around the top to determine position. I also pinned it to ensure I would be sewing in a straight line. 

Then I attached the tulle to the top using loose stitching. Why loose? Because the top stretches and I want to make sure the stitching wouldn't hinder JAE's ability to get into the dress if the attachment stitch was too tight.

I turned it back right side out and here you have it.

JAE tried it on and really liked walking around in it. However, the first thing I noticed is that the tulle is pretty sheer and also that it was rather long. Which means I have to get something to put underneath.

I tried to decide between adding a gold colored material under OR just letting her wear a pink diaper cover underneath. I decided to go with the pink diaper cover AND shorten the tulle. We will be using one she already has at home. I am undecided between a light pink and bright red one since she doesn't have a matching shade of dark pink. For now, this is what she'll wear but I'll take the red just incase. 

For the tutu, all I did was fold it again about a third of the way so that it is shorter and also slighter less see through. Then I did 5-individual stitches in sections of the tutu to make it look fuller. 

And this is the finished product. Before and after.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing her show off at her photo shoot session. Now to bake her cake. 

And because no blog post is complete without a picture of my babies, here they are loving on each other. Gosh...I feel sooooo blessed!

I hope you had a great weekend! Cheers to a fabulous week!


  1. J, this is so cute. I love that you can make things like this, I want to learn. Thank you for offering to make something for our little lady. I need to find the leftover print ASAP :).

    That last pic of the girls is priceless, their love for each other is so apparent and beautiful

    1. Thank you! Do let me know when you find the fabric or if you have any other one you want to use.
      They really have a sometimes love relationship. It varies. Lol


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